READ: “As I’ve grown older, had a child, advanced professionally, the gap between the clothes my stage in life called for (Theory? The more tailored section of J. Crew? Ann Taylor Loft?) and what I actually wore (slip-on Vans) became ever wider. This pleased me, to an extent. It was like an inside joke that, admittedly, maybe only I enjoyed.” | Mother, writer, monster, maid.

LOOK: Beautiful vicarage. | Quite okay, mildly gripping series: Disparue.

THINK: Am I a perfectionist?

FRIGHTENING WORLD DEVELOPMENTS: In the UK: A nice introductory Brexit explainer: luck runs out for a leader of ‘Brexit’ campaign. | Brexit: a disaster decades in the making. | The sociology of Brexit. | How “Remain” failed: the inside story of a doomed campaign. | Helpful and interesting: The New Statesman podcast. | In Australia: Pauline Hanson takes centre stage again but this time we should listen not lampoon. | In the US, George Saunders in the New Yorker: Who are all these Trump supporters? | Everywhere:  The myth of cosmopolitanism: “… it’s a problem that our tribe of self-styled cosmopolitans doesn’t see itself clearly as a tribe: because that means our leaders can’t see themselves the way the Brexiteers and Trumpistas and Marine Le Pen voters see them…” | “Activism, the expression of our deeply held feelings, used to be only one part of building a movement…” Against activism.




READ. Simone Biles is the best gymnast in the world. | Lily Briscoe’s painting. | Return to “The Secret Garden”: a perfect, perfect, perfect book. | “And whatever he might feel, it doesn’t touch the pain you are feeling as a grown, thinking, feeling woman.” / “It’s crazy how knowledge can shift inside the space of one second. You’re not pregnant until you read the results in a tiny test window. You’re pregnant up until one scan. I was technically pregnant before the test, and I was technically not pregnant before the scan, but I didn’t know that until I knew that.” | “Ask your friend how the birth was; be visibly shocked by the answer – you must agree two things now. One, that it sounds like a particularly scary, appalling birth and two, that it was fine.” | How to tiptoe around a depressed mother. | The book of my enemy. | In the restroom at the Walter Reade Theater.

LOOK.  Shed envy. | Classic carbonara. | How to make the perfect meringue. | Palak paneer. | Dishes to cook for new parents. | How Helen DeWitt wrote The Last Samurai. | Is it pathetic to admit I actually cried in a bit of this Longform interview with Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau? I was just so envious of his meaningful work for a kind boss. | Jon Favreau’s politics podcast Keepin’ it 1600. | Genial political chat on The Axe Files with David Axelrod. | Emily Books is expanding (and the story of Virago will be told in a new documentary!)

THINK. “It’s worth asking to what degree charisma, as we have defined it, is a masculine trait. Can a woman appeal to the country in the same way we are used to men doing it?” | Are you in despair? That’s good. | The media don’t hate Jeremy Corbyn. It’s more complicated than that. | Could Bill Shorten actually win? (No, but this is an interesting profile. His book choices are sooo boring and earnest.) | Shame: an explainer. | McDonald’s: you can sneer, but it’s the glue that holds communities together. |  I’ll be Right Back: a parenting newsletter. It’s all great writing but Issue 11, has especially good resources for people who need or wish to formula-feed.




READ: EVERY LOVE SAVES ME FROM THE LAST LOVE. | New Franzen essay: “For forty years, in large social groups, I’d accustomed myself to feeling like the problem…” | “… so I dragged myself behind a piece of scenery”: How I became a dance critic. | Never fuck anyone you wouldn’t wanna be. | You can’t always go home again. (Cried at the unfairness of this.) | “I discovered my mother’s digital life after her death.” (Cried at this too.) | Cried for the last twenty pages of Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld (in my defence I was on a plane). Looking forward to reading: I’m Supposed to Protect You From All This. | Imagine Me Gone. | Generation Loss.

LOOK: A couple in Chicago. | Grayson Perry’s new TV show on masculinity: All Man. | Not By Accident, a documentary podcast about choosing to become a single mother. | @lukasvolger on Instagram. | Stephanie Danler’s outrageously perfect taste in food. | The secrets to a Chinese stir-fry. | Toasted corn and spelt with miso dressing.

THINK: “Steve Jobs may have banned iPhones and iPads for his own kids, but I bet he would have rethought that position if he’d actually spent every day at home with them, instead of off running Apple.” | Why white people don’t use white emoji. | Why do fangirls always make them gay? | Nothing to see here: the artist giving gallery staff a month off work. | Returnships. | Why you shouldn’t exercise to lose weight. | The unhealthy truth behind “wellness” and “clean eating.” | The foul reign of the biological clock.




READ: “In Horgan’s office, childish handwriting remained scrawled on a whiteboard: ‘I am so glad that Sharon Horgan is my mummy.'” | “Knausgaard, in writing “My Struggle,” hasn’t conquered his fear of his father; he’s done the opposite and recreated it. He’s made it more real within his own mind, more “chaotic” than, for a long time, he considered or allowed it to be. In doing so, he’s brought himself back to life.” | “I’d gone from an idiot to a visionary.” | “I was like any girl who had been raised to have faith in a tradition that choked my imagination dead and left me with a head full of delusions…” | Hilary Mantel’s writing day. | “For an influential group of writers, the purpose of novels is to bear witness to the spectacle of aloneness.” | “Like, of course I would get the husband who is sick.” | Germaine Greer’s long letter to a short love. | Your dad’s friend who makes you a little uncomfortable thought it was great seeing you. | Amazing Petronella Wyatt profiles of her close friends David Cameron and his “wandering warm hands,” Boris Johnson, the “loner who wants to be loved,” and George Osborne the “sexy hotshot.”

LOOK: New (obviously not actually new new) Paris neighbourhood. | Elizabeth Jane Howard on Desert Island Discs. | Social Capital, an NYT series that analyses the social media presences of celebrities. | A reading of Eileen Myles’s poem “Milk.” | Coffee & TV, a TinyLetter by Ruth Curry. | Undercover on BBC One. | A photo an hour in the life of a mother of three. | How to start running.

THINK: “Intimate justice.” | How to be polite. | Public speech remains an act of gendered authority. | Is domestic life the enemy of creative work? | “We conceive of our mothers as beautiful because it means that we are special, significant, important…” | Is attachment parenting a plot to force women back into the home? | Mother for hire. | This is what giving birth feels like. | Patricia Lockwood’s long, dark night in Trumplandia. | Monica Lewinsky: “The shame sticks to you like tar.” | Should we scrap benefits and pay everyone £100 a week? | Incredibly gripping: The Killing Season Uncut (a podcast of Sarah Ferguson and Lenore Taylor in conversation about it). | Double lives: a history of sex and secrecy at Westminster. | A political satirist for the internet election.