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6. READ. LOOK. THINK.A miscellany.


  • “A lot of us, whether we have met her or not, have known Patti Smith for a long time. Like Walt Whitman, another one of her visionary precursors, she contains multitudes.”
  • “I was no longer afraid to die. I was now afraid not to die.” Having dissected the pain of others for decades, Joan Didion has spent the last few years turning the scalpel on herself. | NY Mag
  • Eugenides: How I learned to stop worrying and write ‘The Marriage Plot’
  • Nice idea: articles club.
  • “the cold truth is that not all of us are brilliant / we are not all big thinkers. Not everyone’s TED talks will change the world / some of us will just dissipate into the ether | NY Mag
  • ‘Death comes to Pemberly’ PD James’ Pride and Prejudice sequel/mystery is out Nov 3!
  • “This blog is one of the ways I try to pay attention.” even*cleveland




  • My wrap up of the week’s top strategy + creativity + marketing reads on Nextness.
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  1. I found your Tumblr randomly poking around and I must say that I am really glad you started posting these. Your comment today about people complaining the articles are too long, etc. are just trying to stir up things. I’m glad you post these because I don’t always have time to search for thought-provoking articles myself. I even get my boyfriend to read the articles, too! Which is very nice for the both of us. (: Thank you and know that at least two people are getting thorough use of your posts.

    October 21, 2011

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