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Beck Road, E8

My weekly collection of the thoughtful, complex, beautiful and good.


  • I’ve Been Keeping a Journal | Kara VanderBijl
  • Laughing and crying (I laughed and cried at the end of this. Later that day I did the same at The Muppets Movie so I am clearly a soft touch.) | Emily Magazine
  • “I often get much better students in my Fiction 1 class than in Fiction 2—the advanced class ends up too often being a siren call for people with only attitude who think they’re too good for Fiction 1, and Fiction 1 is full of super talented students who may think of themselves as beginners their whole lives.” | Koreanish


  • Tavi Gevinson performs a cover of Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold.” Someone who reblogged this on Tumblr said “how can I have a daughter like this?” I have not seen one cruel comment about this lovely video on the whole internet. Or perhaps I only read the blogs of people with taste. | Vimeo
  • Studio Visit makes me miss Melbourne.
  • INDOOR PLANTS! | Sokokashiko
  • Beautiful quilt | metrode
  • A week of breakfast | Paper Doll Parade
  • How to make paneer at home | Journey Kitchen
  • Scans from the 1977 book ‘Houseboat: Reflections of North America’s Floating Homes.’ | Wary Meyers
  • Japanese Love Story | Miss Moss
  • “I feel like you don’t need art when your household items are beautiful, plus you get the benefit of interacting with them every day.” | metrode q + a with ashley rose helvey


  • Leisure is permissible, we understand, because it costs money; idleness is not, because it doesn’t.” On quitting the paint factory.
  • Mindful eating |
  • Nature. Beauty. Gratitude. “We protect what we fall in love with.” |
  • “People who are doing this are trying to say to their family that it’s not your fault.” The mysteries of the suicide tourist who goes to New York to kill themselves | NY Mag.  And: the most beautiful suicide.


  • My wrap up of the week’s top strategy + creativity + marketing reads on Nextness.
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  1. Thakyou. I will make paneer this weekend..and maybe Sri Lankan lentils to go with it.

    February 17, 2012

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