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Charleston, last Spring.

My weekly collection of the thoughtful, complex, beautiful and good.


  • Never real and always true: on depression and creativity | city of tongues
  • “Soon she will be too fragile to go everywhere and she will need to stay in bed all day. I will have to explain to E how it is, when bees get old.” | ungt blod
  • The hardest two months of my life | A Cup of Jo
  • “I have a theory that elegant people have an aura of impenetrable private sadness, and that good taste and impeccable manners are life’s consolation.” On Elegance | The
  • “…blogging is a little oasis for showcasing beautiful things, a little form of escapism from a harsh reality”. On luxury | la [min-ya-‘net]
  • ‘Listening to Books’ | n+1
  • An interview with John Waters | Rookie
  • “…almost everybody I know in this creative-classy, kind of bullshit city wants to work for themselves. The assistant curators want to open their own galleries. The copywriters want to start their own magazines. The journalists want to be novelists. It all seems mathematically impossible, but then again, if we were good at math…” On collectives | Sarah Nicole Prickett in the Toronto Standard
  • She adds, “I wonder if you’ll like this and not tell me. If you don’t like it, you always tell me.” I liked it.
  • In which the dreams of Jennifer Egan come true | This Recording
  • Transformation and transcendence: the power of female friendship | The



  • Stop being a Pinterest sexist.
  • “Ethanol, the psychoactive ingredient of alcohol, impairs communication between neurons by weakening the molecules in the walls that separate them, such that electrical signals are not sent as normal and associations between ideas do not emerge as readily. That might sound like a bad thing, but such associations are the basis for our continuous and strenuous efforts to make sense of the world, a burden we could do without.” Why do we drink alcohol?
  • Carl Sagan: The Pale Blue Dot (HD) | YouTube
  • Why we hide emotional pain | Psychology Today


  • My wrap up of the week’s top strategy + creativity + marketing reads on Nextness.