READ: Mermaid in a Jar by Sheila Heti | Lena Dunham’s reading habits. |The predictable Girls backlash: “While connections can get you through a door that is extremely hard to knock down, once you’re onstage you still live or die by the material. Girls is hilarious, and that is why it’s so contentious.” | “We’ve got to be artists of some kind.” | A love letter to internet friends. | Jennifer Egan chooses some of her favourite books. | Revisiting a classic: how to be a woman in any boys’ club. | The Observer’s Eva Wiseman sums up my thoughts exactly in this piece praising Rookie: Girlhood explained online. | Final Fashion: “Starting a fashion blog in 2006 was delusional because no one was doing it… launching a fashion blog in 2012 is even more delusional because everyone is doing it.”

LOOK: Sharmadean Reid, WAH Nails founder, on Into The Gloss. | Beautiful mixtape: Desert Blues. | Webbygram; glad I can view Instagram on the web. | Kathy Acker’s clothes. | Eat lettuce, a love story. | “Pit hair, don’t care.” | I’m enjoying Girls of a Certain Age.

THINK: After I die. | The science and history of treating depression, a doctor’s beautifully written piece in the NYT. | How to delete yourself from the Internet. | The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenge is soliciting new approaches to communications that “motivate the public in the wealthy countries of the world to change their minds about aid.” I have a nice idea for it, now I just have to write it up. | Powerful men talk more, powerful women don’t because it damages their likeability, power, and effectiveness.

LINKNESS: My wrap up of the week’s top strategy + creativity + marketing reads on Nextness.

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  1. Would you say “Mermaid in a Jar” is a take on our society’s obsession with celebrities? The story made me think about how women love to bad-mouth famous women who might seem more beautiful than they are. However, once the beautiful famous women get older, we turn our noses up to them, like they are not worth being looked at.

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