“How much do I love you? Count the stars in the sky. Measure the waters of the ocean with a teaspoon. Number the grains of sand on the seashore. Impossible, you say. Yes, and it is just as impossible for me to say how much I love you. My love for you is higher than the heavens, deeper than Hades, and broader than the earth. It has no limits, no bounds. Everything must have an ending except my love for you.”

– ‘Knee Play 5’ from Philip Glass’ opera Einstein on the Beach via The Fader.

We saw Philip Glass in person at an event at the Barbican yesterday; we’re seeing Einstein on the Beach tomorrow. He is a genius. Remember this from Sesame Street? I have tried to upload two of my favourite pieces of his for you, I hope it works. If it doesn’t, here’s Vessels. An oral history of Philip Glass. I love this film about him by Scott Hicks.

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