My week in reading, looking and thinking. (Though truthfully those elevated activities only made up about 5% of my week, the rest was hideous admin and logistics related to moving house.)

READ: I wish I wrote this essay about Girls. |  “Where were all these critics who love unapologetic female self-revelation when my book came out,” asks Emily Gould. This week I’m rereading her book And the Heart Says Whatever. It’s very good. | God, the utter hilarity of Sophie Braham: her back operation; the Big Brother auditions. | être soi has posted a week of Mary Oliver poems.| On Hillary Clinton. Love her. | I loved this essay from Tommy on Finding one’s rhythm. I went through a similar recalibration last year when I started working from home. For me, time management is less of a problem than energy management. I try and do my most important work when I’m nice and alpha-wavy. | A good review of my old street in London, Broadway Market. (We’ve moved round the corner.)

LOOK: My five houses in four years! | My new pink study. | Trotski & Ash macaroni and cheese. | Meatballs. |  The Listening Machine. | A feminist DIY mirror project. | Still obsessed with Minna Gilligan’s GIFs. | In podcast news, I’m working my way through the archives of Slate’s Culture Gabfest. I like to get into things late so there’s a nice back catalogue to chew through. | Which is also why I’m revisiting, eight years after launch, the brilliant Australian TV drama Love My Way. I know a bad thing happens, but I don’t know which episode. I’m drawn in even thought I know it’s going to hurt.

THINK: On the Street….The Sartorialist | The history behind Berlin’s cheap rents. | Knowledge, power and “feminist” fashion blogs.

LINKNESS: My wrap up of the week’s top strategy + creativity + marketing reads on Nextness. (And here’s a few of my recent posts on Nextness, the work blog I edit: Is the internet making you sad? | On process. |  How we curate Nextness. | What is the New Aesthetic? | Why is no one commenting on our blog? | Introverts in ad agencies: a helpful guide.)

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  1. oh…Love My Way! I cried and cried and laughed and smoked (and I don’t smoke) and cried and hugged and danced and ate and cried. So so good.

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