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Image of Ella Campbell, above, by Andrew Braithwaite for WHY?

I’m at Cannes Lions right now, covering it for Nextness. I have been to this “Festival of Creativity” three years in a row now (an opportunity for which I am genuinely thankful). And each time I feel hugely conflicted about advertising and its value in the world. I understand that people are here to present the best work they’ve done over the past year, and that they are understandably excited about it. And yet, I think more than ever advertising could do with a bit of insularity and thoughtfulness, and a bit of quiet.

So Vic (you know her from her beautiful blog) and I decided to do a little project while we’re here. Called WHY? it’s our attempt to get at the real reasons why people work in advertising, why they persist in doing so despite the occasional lows, and why they think it’s valuable. Some hate advertising. Others think it’s a selfish occupation. Some say for all its faults, advertising’s brought about positive change. And for a young creative person, it’s a fast (though perhaps not the best) way to monetise their creativity. We’ll be adding to it over the festival.

If you work in a creative industry, I wonder if you feel the same conflict?

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  1. This is such a great project, I’m keeping a keen eye on it and how it develops.

    June 21, 2012

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