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READ: “Art should never be Interesting. Wikipedia is Interesting. Nightmares are Interesting. But to feign Interest in other people’s art is just smug. Don’t be so fond and fatherly about it.” | Tess Lynch’s The Unbloggable. | Men explain things to me: Rebecca Solnit’s classic 2008 critique of male arrogance. | ” I have a secret tumblr that matters more to me than this one.” | Rachel Hills’ new personal essay blog. (Sometimes to change what you write you have to change where you write it.) | Related? |  Nora’s Secret | “All other life takes second place, and ART, well, that doesn’t even get a look-in.” Jessica Akerman. | A dancer’s demons. | I was Jeff Koons’s studio serf. |”A movie is like answering a question.” The Rumpus interview with Francis Ford Coppola. | Jodie Foster blasts Kristen Stewart–Robert Pattinson break-up spectacle. | How to be a contemporary writer.

LOOK: A glimpse into the lives of real nurses and their important work in this moving 2 minute cinema ad by Neil and Jason for the Australian Nurses’ Federation. | Best trailer ever?! Homeland Season 2.  | Beautiful house tour by Brian Ferry. | Peckham peace wall. | Top 25 romance films. | Frida Kahlo nail decals.

THINK: On the word “entitlement.” It “doesn’t put all its cards on the table. Like a lot of effective political language, it enables you to slip from one idea to another without ever letting on that you’ve changed the subject.” | Emotionally enhanced vividness. | Why does “craft” now mean the act of “making something cuter”? | The internet IS real life.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading “The Internet is Real Life.” I am one of those people who deleted their facebook for a year, because I thought it was ruining my real life and (everyone else’s for that matter). It is tiresome to hear phrases such as, “totally my new prof pic,” crop up in daily conversation. I’m going through this new phase of thought, where I’ve accepted virtual reality as valuable and I’ve been trying to consciously use my experiences online to enhance my offline experiences, and vice versa. I had a hard time with blogging because I didn’t want to exploit my experiences, but now I’ve started to realize the value of sharing my thoughts and creations with others. It’s been cool to hear people express that they have been inspired by the things I share, and that’s cool whether online or offline.

    I really appreciate what you share here. Thanks!

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