READ: Write something you’d never show your mother or father. | “Still haunted by my college experience, I hoped that marriage and parenthood would legitimize my life, loosen the barnacles of shame and allow me to find closure.” | ALL FEELING ALL THE TIME. | “At least some of older people’s privacy fears for younger people can be attributed to jealousy.” | Some observations about being the wife of a deployed British soldier. | Fascinating NYT piece on the Gores’ marriage and how they handled the aftermath of Al’s failed US presidential bid. | Sex and the single breast cancer patient. | “She comes up with a radical idea: trade in our two-bedroom apartment for two one-bedroom apartments, one for Jani and one for Bodhi. Susan and I will alternate nights between each child.” | Hazlitt is a genius piece of marketing by Random House Canada: a new, Internet-only “home for writers”. Start with Sarah Nicole Prickett’s personal essay about reading. And: four advice columnists talk shop.

LOOK: I’m afraid I blew my LOOK-load with Nextness Visual Diary: iPad art, paddle pops, nailz, pixel rain. | But also: Anonymous Women: Draped. | And I want to swim in pink  lakes.

THINK: What do we see when we read? (Other than words on a page.) What do we picture in our minds? | What does presence look like? | “goals are not just wishes or feelings– they’re what you want to do after you eat the shit of reality.” f*ck feelings | Artistic Dude Fast. | “After Newsroom, it is clear that when we speak about the world, we are speaking to ourselves. And to a handful of people just like us. Never before in history have more people been empowered to reign as critics. And never before has their been more uniformity in opinion. And never before has critical opinion mattered less.”

LINKNESS: My wrap up of the week’s top strategy + creativity + marketing reads on Nextness.