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READ: Kate Zambreno breaks the ‘writers speaking out about bad reviews’ taboo, after what sounds like a particularly harsh and personal Bookforum piece. “Taboo. Whatever. If I’m not spitting it out I’m swallowing it. ” I’ve preordered her book Heroines. | Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention. | Caterina Fake’s laptop crashed. She lost everything: “after the initial shock had passed, I had a sudden sense of liberation and relief.”  | How to make a Metro poem. | The cynical, sexist art world depicted in Bravo’s Gallery Girls. I’m more worried about how, seemingly, none of the girls can have a straightforward verbal exchange of any real depth with each other, still less with bosses/men. | Our society does a shitty job of teaching girls how to be friends or have them. | 27.

LOOK: Primary schoolers from Wilcannia sing about Dinnertime; amazing video by Georgia Perry. | Trill Wave Feminism. | Hummus recipe. |
4 recipes for a three-course superfoods meal. | Vic sorts her negatives. | On my blog: A reminder; London’s roses; Sudden reprieve; Summer on Broadway Market.

THINK: Saying ‘please’ in restaurants. | Beauty does not occupy a different area of the brain than ugliness. | Always be grandiose. | Stress: Portrait of a Killer. | In prison news:  The LAPD has acknowledged a history of violence against transgendered people by “building them a special cage.” | The living death of solitary confinement. | What if your natural self is not all that natural? This is the conundrum confronting the team advising Mitt Romney.

LINKNESS: My wrap up of the week’s top strategy + creativity + marketing reads on Nextness.


  1. I’ve just gone through your archives and read all of the Read/Look/Thinks I hadn’t already seen. These continue to be my absolute favorite series on the Internet — constantly thought-provoking. Thanks for this one and for every week’s.

  2. Thanks for linking to my Feministe guest post on friendship! I enjoy the selections you make for READ. LOOK. THINK., and I’m honored to be among them.

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