READ: “At one point, I went five weeks without having a face-to-face conversation beyond, say, thanking the cashier at the Stop & Shop. Low-grade, amorphous anxiety dogged me… If I could do it over again, I would, at the very least, take my computer to the library or the coffee shop every day, but I was a novice and instead went slowly insane.” | I am whatever I say I am. | After the storm. | Tinker Tailor: a guide for the perplexed. I had no problem following Tinker Tailor, or perhaps I just followed it so badly I didn’t realise I didn’t understand it. Either way, it was a masterpiece. | How to write The Moderation Hotel: James Ross-Edwards’ 10 year plan | “These are all the awful parts of me”: 10 lessons for creatives from Lena Dunham. | New Adult: passing fad or the missing genre? | A short list of things I’d never be confident enough to do.

LOOK: How to dress well FACT mix.  | BIRDS | I have put this on every blog I have ever run and don’t think it’s been on this one yet. My theme song: All-Seeing I with Jarvis Cocker: Walk Like a Panther. | Sex diaries. | David Sedaris reads Miranda July’s short story “Roy Spivey” for The New Yorker.

THINK: The Malia Generation. | “The mom stays in the picture.” | The British don’t want to live in new-build homes.  | “It was the capacity for intimate relationships that predicted flourishing in all aspects of these men’s lives.” | On being a fat child. | Romola Garai: “I’m a feminist. God, yes! A bra-burning, building-burning feminist.” | Speaking in memes.

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