READ: The Semiautobiographers. “New Narrative and its daughters refuse the old dictate that women be demure and follow the rules, especially the constraints of “good taste” that can act as an obstacle to the kinds of stories women have to tell. In elevating a kind of “bad” writing, these artists shrug off an (implicitly masculine) standard or grammar of narration.” | “Women who bring cultural artifacts into being still, unless they’re unusually uninhibited or plain crazy, have to shake off all their fundamental training and self-preservation impulses in order to produce work that is at all truthful.” | “What even is a body? It’s a fleshy suit that sustains our earthly consciousness.” | Reading this great kids’ book this week: Olive’s Ocean.

LOOK: Scrap work. | Melbourne’s The Thousands has a nice new look. | 21st century warmongering. | The internet of middle-class things. | Gifts for bookish girls. | The goodnight lamp. Made me think of those people who say, quite sweetly and a bit lonely, “Goodnight Twitter.” | A beautiful home. | On advice. | Koalas have fingerprints like humans. | We went to see Michael Haneke’s Amour on the weekend. Afterwards, couples were just hugging and crying in the foyer.

THINK: Why did Facebook censor this photograph? | Oliver Sacks: “I want to say, strongly, hallucinations aren’t evidence of anything, let alone heaven.” | “They used anonymous email accounts with a shared password, composing draft messages to each other that were never actually sent over the Internet — a so-called “dead-drop” technique also used by Osama bin Laden’s couriers to keep correspondence secret.” | Petraeus scandal: are we guilty of double standard? OBVIOUSLY! | Man in coma uses his thoughts to tell doctors, ‘I’m not in pain.’ | Can foods affect colon cancer survival?

LINKNESS: My wrap up of the week’s top strategy + creativity + marketing reads on Nextness.

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  1. This the first time I’ve visited your blog, although it’s been on my list for umpty- whatevers. It started to make me THINK as soon as I LOOKED & READ- firstly about writing style: there is a lot of crap written about style- I’ll leave it to the academics who get their students and postgrads to write about it. I read whatever I can, regardless of style & I know when style puts me off. For instance a “mommy blogger” wrote a book that was so parenthetical I couldn’t even read two pages. Bang went that $30 investment of someone else’s money. To me, that was “bad writing”. Then you got to “the body”- that has far too much salience in modern life IMHO. Nuff said- and I’ve said thousands of words about it myself. As for Oliver Sacks- love him, face recognition deficit aside- he’s very illuminating about a multiplicity of topics and I agree about hallucinations. I’ve had them, they were scary, but I knew what they were and meant nothing- so stay out religious and psychological poseurs! I’m sure foods can help prevent colon cancer but who knows whether they can prolong survival once you get it- how different is a new diet from an old one, in how many people?? Yep- you’ve got me going for the next few days at least. Thanks Jessica.

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