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Thank you!

Baby Kangaroo by Sharon Montrose

Do you remember I asked you a few months ago to vote for me in the finals of the Voiceless Writers Prize? Out of 350 stories I’d been shortlisted in the top ten by J.M. Coetzee and the judging panel. Well I won the Readers’ Choice!

(I was torn between writing this and sounding like I was showing off, and not writing it and seeming, or in fact being, ungrateful. I am very grateful. So: thank you for voting for me.)

My story is called Not Long Now. People have said it’s quite dark, but it doesn’t seem that dark to me. It’s now in a book with the other nine stories, including the two really good ones which shared the judges’ prize. You can buy the book, and it’s on Kindle. 25% of royalties help fund Voiceless’ work to end the institutionalised suffering of animals.

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  1. congratulations! x

    November 29, 2012

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