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READ.LOOK.THINK. | James Ross-Edwards

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READ.LOOK.THINK. is guest curated today by “a regular man,” James Ross-Edwards. He is funny on Twitter @frank_sartor, heartbreaking – somehow – on The Moderation Hotel, good at advertising and really tall in real life.

READ: You are boring. Tell me more about your food blog, please. An essay by Scott Simpson in The Magazine App. | Speaking of buying an iPad app. to read something: Craig Mod wrote about that (thanks Kripy). | Michael Kelly aka Ulrich Haarbürste wrote/writes fan fiction about Roy Orbison being wrapped in clingflim. | The Setup interviews people about the computers and stuff they use to do their work. For some reason, I’m addicted to it. | Austin Kleon’s blog.  | Also: though extremely niche, I find @gradecricketer hilarious.

LOOK:Craigie” by Mining Boom. | I Was Out Walking’s photos. | “Hey Hey Hey.” – Heaps Decent meets Georgia Perry meets little kids from Wilcannia. | The podcast You Look Nice Today is still my favourite thing on the internet. | A little while back, I read Chris Ware’s Building Stories. It is very good. Here’s a helpful review. | Facebook is silly. | Also: Matt Banham, in general.

THINK: “I feel lucky that… the idea of harming myself has never occurred to me, because I feel like, when it’s my time to go, I’m going to take as many motherfuckers with me as I possibly can. If there isn’t a mushroom cloud, at least, to mark my passage from this world, I really will have failed” — episode 55 of the podcast Roderick on the Line is as good a place to jump in as any. |  Every time I get discouraged about writing or life, I re-read this particular Achewood strip. | Tiga’s six golden rules for producers is applicable to just about anyone. | “Some thoughts and musings on making things for web.”

Photo via I was out walking. More guest READ.LOOK.THINKs.