Now with some links fixed.

READ: “…what’s better than being roundly liked is being fully known – an impossibility both professionally and personally if you’re so busy being likable that you forget to be yourself.” | “Depressive realism”  | “I swear I wish my life was the Messy Life that Heti and Dunham have.” | The allure of the underground supper club in The New Yorker. Don’t really care about this – it’s just so well-written. | “I read Heartburn for the first time about six months ago, and ever since then friends have been remarking on how my writing seems different.” | How to make music, how to record music, etc. | Girls, pick your bedtime reading with care. | Willow Smith can look however she wants. | A Q+A I did for Lucie Goulet about READ.LOOK.THINK. on the wonderfully-titled It’s OK for intellectual feminists to like fashion. I also liked this of hers: A wardrobe full of unwearable clothes. | To everyone who voted in the Voiceless Writing Prize competition: thank you!

LOOK: Kara after one year in New York. | One of the most interesting people on Twitter is @bluemilk; her blog is blue milk.

THINK: Scientists discover children’s cells living in mothers’ brains. | The privilege of opting-out. | Aesthetic categories. |The sexless aspirational world of lifestyle blogging. (Magic Surrounds is the only non-dating blog I know to have a tag devoted to sex.) | A detached Romney tends wounds in seclusion after failed White House bid. | Are these animals too ‘ugly’ to be saved? | “Television, which we love for its kindness to our attention spans and further kindness to our obsession with minutiae and repetition.”

LINKNESS: My wrap up of the week’s top strategy + creativity + marketing reads on Nextness.