Happy Christmas X

Two weddings and a Christmas, family and my best friend from school in town, a visa application on the go, a cold, no washing machine, beautiful clear days, happiness and worry; I’ve had to go on a little Twitter fast in case it manifested all my energy and fragmentation, and I’ve officially given up trying to control anything. It’s a big relief. Please enjoy the last READ.LOOK.THINK. of the year – and have a lovely, happy Christmas X

READ: “It is impossible to make my portrait because of my mobility. I am not photogenic because of my mobility. Peace, serenity, and integration are unknown to me.” Anais Nin | Creating suspense. | The year in cheating. | “How stripping off to play Helen of Troy on the London stage changed the way I feel about my body.” |It is very easy to pass judgement when people write about their lives. | Why Heston Blumenthal deserves the Turner prize. | On loneliness.

LOOK: Scans from House by Mouse! | The Thought Fox: Faber’s blog. | Does anyone remember Love and Other Catastrophes? | Beautiful shop: Otherwild.

THINK:Want to prevent gun violence and reduce the number of horrific events like what happened today? Great. Go stop being strangers to each other. Everybody wants the same thing here. Nobody has tapped into any ineffable truths about how to get there. If we want to hash this out in the political and socio/cultural sphere, we’re going to have to stop vilifying the people who disagree with us and start trying to talk about how we can all solve the problems we want to solve while remaining true to our own values.” | Why you like to watch the same thing over and over again: “people gained insight into themselves and their own growth by going back for a do-over, subconsciously using the rerun or old book as a measuring stick for how their own lives had changed.” | “Day in day out over the Christmas period we are almost forced to make that comparison between our lives and feelings and what we’re being told they ‘should’ be.”

LINKNESS: My wrap up of the week’s top strategy + creativity + marketing reads on Nextness.


  1. Another excellent installment! Thank you a million times for the link to Louise Brealey’s article — now I love her even more!

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