Wedding cake

Did you have a beautiful Christmas? I hope so. Do I sound different? I might, I’m a married lady. Some reading, now.

READ: “If you name an important book there is a very good chance I haven’t read it. I’m not against important books. I hope to write one someday. But I read what I like, before I read what’s important.” | “We need to worry you’re not O.K.,” an empathetic female memoirist told me.” Humiliation and memoir. |  Peter Pan, alzheimer’s patient. | Why are L.A. people so mean? | On the subject of artists talking about art. | “Watching amateur comedy, or amateur ANYTHING, is painful,” he added. “Any artistic or expressionistic mode is difficult to watch, because it’s vulnerable.”

LOOK: BBC Radio 4 is dramatising one of my favourite book serieses: The Cazalets | Really want to make a beetroot curry. Two recipes: Limes & LycopenePeter Kuruvita. | Must try all Lola is Beauty’s London faves. | HEMSLEY & HEMSLEY.

THINK: “What do you say after you say goodbye?”  | “Silent presence sometimes the only possible response to tragedy, but it’s an affordance of embodied presence. Online presence must speak.” | Sometimes, children differ so much from their parents that they have more in common with strangers than with their own families.

LINKNESS: My wrap up of the week’s top strategy + creativity + marketing reads on Nextness.


  1. I hope married life leaves you unchanged in all your best ways and improved where you choose to grow.

    And beetroot curry. Yes. I want to make it too. I’m leaning toward Peter’s recipe.

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