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Friends this will be my last READ.LOOK.THINK. for at least two weeks. I have some things to do. Like finish off my screenplay: endlessly revised, never complete, but I’m getting to the stage I can share it beyond friends. It’s emotionally-big but small budget-wise, and very Australian; suggestions for next steps for it more than welcome. Then I have to see some people and go some places. I have work to do of course. And on a very basic level I need to survive the winter. These are all my concerns right now! I hope you enjoy this R.L.T. – and northern hemisphere friends, hang in there. This weather is not forever X

READ: The Arrangement by Laura Jean McKay.  | “Honesty is inherently generous. Confession is inherently needy and intrusive.” Salon’s guide to writing a memoir. | On Breaking Bad. (Only read this if you’re fully caught up.) “The switch will come for different viewers at different points but eventually, as Walter’s selfishness smothers what virtue he might once have had…”  | I shared some books I like that you might like. Thank you to everyone who suggested new authors for me.

LOOK: Obama looks over the Capitol one last time; he’ll never see this again. | Haim. Cool girls being cool, playing some ball and stuff. | A photo essay of functional beauty by Ashley Rose Helvey. | Stress makes exhausted women over-sensitive to sounds. | Reminiscence bump: why we remember young adulthood better than any other age.

THINK: Strange Situation. | The New York Times thinks male magazine founders are intellectuals but their female peers are fashionistas. | The surge of women at Sundance. Screenwriter Naomi Foner has directed her first film age 65. “I have 25 years of creative work ahead of me,” she said. “Now my children are grown and I have the freedom to do what I couldn’t do before. And I want my daughters and my granddaughters to see that.”

LINKNESS: My wrap up of the week’s top strategy + creativity + marketing reads on Nextness. (Advertising people might also be interested in the Twitter feed I run for STW: @STWnextness.)


  1. YES! STRESS IS TOTALLY MAKING ME SENSITIVE TO SOUNDS mostly the sounds of the people around me at work talking ALL OF THE TIME ABOUT THEIR HEALTH PROBLEMS.

  2. Congratulations on the screenplay! How exciting. I don’t really have anything useful to add to that but good luck.

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