A wedding of strangers we spied on in Ravello

I’m still on my honeymoon in Australia but it’s pouring rain here at the south coast. I’m not going to Instagram it though because that space is reserved solely for pictures of the sun. I have been tortured all winter by photos of Australian summer and now it is my turn to perpetuate the cycle of abuse. But the rain does give me time for a little READ.LOOK.THINK.

READ: “Whatever. It’s all input.” Gchatting with George Saunders. | “The world is so big, so complicated, so replete with marvels and surprises that it takes years for most people to begin to notice that it is, also, irretrievably broken. We call this period of research ‘childhood.'” Wes Anderson’s Worlds by Michael Chabon. | “I’ve been writing a lot longer than you have… you haven’t yet earned the right to be jealous of me.” | A profile of late bloomer Connie Britton. “All it took to get on track,” Britton said, “was a lot of time and fight.”  | Life modelling: “in a room of fully dressed people, the naked woman is queen.” | The cult of Donna Tartt. | On seeing Lena Dunham naked. | Carpet is a class issue.  | Elanor McInerney’s bookish, thoughtful tumblr.

LOOK: The Organist looks like a promising podcast. | Some recipes I’ve saved: Za’atar | Orangette’s cabbage | Kale rice bowl | Coconut soup |Pecan lemon cookies | Raw chocolate torteWinter green smoothie | Also: Canal House cooks lunch.

THINK: Why hating (certain types of) parents is self-revealing: the same with all hate, really. | Documentaries turning to writers to shape narrative. |Dolphins try to save dying companion.