Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

READ: “Is it wrong that I still want to be my own special snowflake and not cave to hustling words for money?” | A Story In The Shape Of A Selfie Of The Writer And Her Friend, Marie Calloway. | “The endings unraveled, thread by thread, and I was left (finally) with that uncanny other option: “writing under my own name.” Such a funny concept, really, to reclaim what was mine to start with. A name.” | Miranda July on her new project We Think Alone. The most interesting insight for me in the first compilation, Money, was Lena Dunham’s kind mimicking of her assistant’s emoticon. Related: The power of powerless communication.

LOOK: A house like a boat on the top of a cliff. | I saw women-driven thriller The East. It was excellent. | Listening nonstop to Janelle Monae – and the Bling Ring soundtrack. | David Bowie narrates Peter and the Wolf. | Vic: “I could make whatever decision I wanted, that I was in control.” | Beautiful photos of potter Lucie Rie at work. | What a ‘Cheers’ outline looked like. | A “kind of protective barrier protecting me against non-accepting and unthoughtful people.” | I blogged: six weeks to go now. Columbia Road in the sun.

THINK: David Mitchell: learning to live with my son’s autism. | The cosmology of serialised television. | “It’s inconvenient for a design blogger to feel this way.”

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