Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

READ: “Yes, / I am a Kennedy. / And I await / your orders.” | “That’s what makes the poem such an exciting domain: there’s a whole world in there, a zillion more poems.” Some Lists by Alice Bolin. | “Two and a half years into our friendship, shortly before it ended, I tattooed her full name on my head in giant script because I thought it was funny.” | “I’m a woman who will soon be 30. I am terrified of watching my physical beauty deteriorate over the next decade.” | “The women’s story sidles up to you at a party and asks in the honeyed voice of a false friend whether you or other women like you might be doing sex or love or motherhood (the top tasks of the woman) slightly wrong.” | “Perhaps writing, absorbing Alice [Munro] as it did, offered her daughters a protection, a gift. They were not her work, so they were freed from her manipulation.” | “… holding up to the light the wheels and cogs of our people so that we may understand them, yes, but also so we can learn how to create new people from scratch. You know, like mothers do.” | Making Babies: Stumbling into Motherhood by Anne Enright. | The Chelsea Hotel had its own Eloise.

LOOK: The most beautiful bedroom in a book. | Lover of Beauty, a tumblr.

THINK: There are as many servants in London now as in Victorian times. | The era of constant photography. | In Japan, where palm reading remains one of the most popular means of fortune-telling, some people have figured out a way to change their fate. | “…movies and television, whether fiction or not, have a great deal to do with reality; they’re emotional documentaries about this or that person playing such-and-such character.” | Health is the new status symbol. | Seeing a series of socially dominant men undermined women’s commitment, just as seeing attractive women had done to men’s. | “I want sex and mystery and growth!” Why isn’t there a successor to Six Feet Under?

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