READ: We welcomed our baby daughter Sunday into the world! | Claire Danes profile in the New Yorker. | Memories of editing Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches’ | “WHAT? This is insane.” | “Every night you pray to the gods of rejection.” | “Noli timere.” | The saddest urge of human nature. | “magic-feather syndrome” | Geoff Dyer: Reader’s Block | Count to four as you inhale, and again to four as you exhale: breathing, anxiety, writing.

LOOK: Elize Strydom’s Small Town Girl series. | Not on view at the Whitney. | Excited to listen to John Safran’s True Crime podcast (so long as the true crimes are not too frightening). | Meanjin podcast. | Straight Years Project. | Concise, almost uplifting, suicide note.

THINK: “Creative work sits uneasily in the fantasy life between dread leisure and the slog of the virtuous, hardworking life. It’s seen as a method of doing something while doing nothing, one that stops you flying away in terror.” Why do we find free time so terrifying? | Mummy feminism: “It’s all about us.” | Warm winter caps Australia’s hottest year. | Strategies against estate agents? On gentrification and the avant-garde in London. | Gender flipping in Hollywood. | I hate Strong Female Characters.

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