READ: James‘s Australian Subdistrict Rugby Haikus. | I’m finally reading Knausgaard as he should be read: on my phone while very, very slowly pushing a pram. The best secondary sources: Ben Lerner in the LRB / The Paris Review / The Millions. | Trying to recapture the high of The Examined Life; planning an Adam Phillips binge after his Paris Review interview. | “… the primacy of simple opinion in Rush’s work.” | David Sedaris: Living the Fitbit life. | A brief note about my mother the Comeback Queen.

LOOK: Excited for Serial. | A collection of satisfying plant-based main meals. | I made and loved these caramellos! The “caramel” in particular is insane, but look what it’s made of. | Storing away for the change of seasons: natural health remedies for winter healing. | London’s best park cafés. | My photos from Italy sucked. I’ve completely lost the knack of using my camera.

THINK: “There exists a myth that motherhood isn’t a creative phase. Yet, in reality, you may feel alive with ideas, desire and ambition. It is just that you won’t be able to get anything done.” | Turia Pitt was badly burnt. Her Australian Women’s Weekly cover is ground breaking. I’m trying to be more conscious of my fear and aversion to facial difference; it’s discriminatory and cruel. I admire her very much.

PS: My blog went offline this week after some upgrade thing happened. Thank you so much to Diana for fixing it in about one second! Heart emoji!