READ: “On Friday we had two babies but by Monday we had none…” | “I remembered vividly that a psychiatrist had once written “She deeply fears losing her boyfriend, with whom she has created an ideal home life”, and I thought that this was true, and I thought that this was the reason I believed (fully and entirely) that my boyfriend had cancer of the blood. As it turned out, the reason I believed this was because he did. He did have cancer of the blood”. | “If I find myself obsessing over the exact wording, I’ll remind myself that “perfect communication” is a destructive myth and can be a form of trying to control other people’s feelings or perception of me.” / “…I assign complexity to his silence, confuse that silence for disapproval, and believe that that disapproval is indicative of my failure to meet standards I held for myself long before he entered my sphere.” / “I walked home, reprising in my head a mini-quiz I gave myself each day, I guess to keep my insecurities nice and sharp: What had I done wrong, besides everything?” | I can’t go on! (Why do people get stage fright?) | Weakness revealed. | Not writing.

LOOK: Diana Day by Day! | Vegetables à la Grecque. | Best banana bread. | Rachel Roddy’s tomato sauce. | Charred corn with miso butter, bacon and garlic scapes. | Fresh turmeric and chicken curry. | Kitchari. | A ground breaking kitchen in London.

THINK: Should I use the term “illegal immigrant“? | The secret to love is just kindness. | “… all these stories of human degradation are never enough.” | “Text game”/”Pussy affluenza.” | Third pregnancy is