READ: Some incredible interviews: “So yeah, I think that my skill is more upbeat curating, as in choosing the right tracks and then sort of trying to understand the will or nature of popular culture.” Sia. / “This isn’t a problem while we’re dealing with self-regulation: it’s important to set limits for oneself. The problem is that we live within limits set by others, and we are disapproving of ourselves when we fail to respect them.” Elena Ferrante | “When you hear, for example, two girls at a bus stop and one is telling the other a ‘story’ – ‘and she was like… and I was like… and they were like’ – the story-telling girl is not doing this because she imagines that with this act of mimesis, with this ‘realistic’ re-telling, she has fooled her listener into believing that what she is presenting is ‘authentic’ or an unvarnished truth, in some sense essentially ‘real’ – no.” Zadie Smith (Also: Zadie Smith on the Work episode of Women of the Hour.) | Jill Soloway’s radical mind. (Michaela Watkins talks about Jill Soloway directing on this perfect episode of WTF.) | “A fantasy of anorexia: total expressivity. See the anorexic’s sadness, legible on her anatomy, her inner life and emotions immediately present to anyone who looks at her…” | “What about the grand old man of French publishing who had read my third novel and, with a magisterial wave of his hand, said, “You should keep writing”?” Siri Hustvedt | Choose your own adventure: a conversation with Jennifer Egan and George Saunders. | Some 2015 book lists: 100 greatest British novels. | The best audiobooks. | Five books for food lovers. | The NYT’s 100 notable books. | The Millions’ Year in Reading. | Currently reading: John le Carré: The Biography.

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