READ: Love in translation. | “Which of these two people sounds like she has an inner life, by virtue of which she requires some outer protection?” | Monstrous births: pushing back against empowerment in childbirth. / “… a profound, frightening, exhilarating, transformative experience at the boundary of life, an experience from which one comes back a different person.” | “There was an aliveness in me of a kind I’d only ever experienced intermittently. I was physically very fit, and perhaps for the first time I felt my external environment was an expression or a continuation of my inner world, there was no dissonance, no fantasy, no depression, and this congruence enabled a sort of expansion, and a sort of courage…” | “… if she got to know that he was giving a lecture somewhere in London she would stand outside the hall holding a placard that read, as I’ve always (and wrongly) remembered it: ‘This is the wife he abandoned.’ Sadly, but no doubt accurately, the various biographies substitute ‘I am’ for ‘This is’.” | Joanne the Scammer lives for drama. | Excited for Bright, Precious Days.

LOOK: Fifty days of Brexit haikus. | Plum shrub. | Moonlists. | The Chanel lamppost. | “Reading a book alone in London? / Where does the money come from.” | NIGELLA HAS A PODCAST. | At home with Rachel Roddy. | Cried so much watching Holding the Man (2015).

THINK: “I want to end my relationship but it’s too hard.” |  Large number of young people experience sex problems. | Fundamentals of writing “the other” (and the self). | “I always wanted to be white.” | David Bowie as art school. | The doctor who beat big tobacco. | There’s no such thing as a protest vote. | “I can look back now and see that, while I helped out, it was usually on my schedule and on my terms.” | Children don’t need to be taught in order to learn.