I don’t know whether it’s summer or pregnancy but the only things I want to do are watch Great British Bake Off and read about Glossier. Tweet me any blogs you like that I might like?

READ: “… I am just a cleaner, a cook, a disgruntled odd-job man: My daughters create themselves.” | More Cusk: “… she perhaps views maternal ambivalence as a somewhat grotesque luxury.” | A short story by Curtis Sittenfeld. | “Here you are, in some sense, bearing the burden of her decision to remain anonymous. Are you tiring of being the “face of Ferrante”?” | Currently reading: The Pigeon Tunnel | Liked reading: Should you leave? | The Vegetarian.

LOOK: Beautiful Australia, beautiful Australian art on Instagram: @francesbgrant. | The London Review of Looks. | We got an ice cream maker?! Made Blackberry and fig leaf ice cream. | Jam cake recipe for any seasonal fruit. | Gardeners’ Question Time pilau. | For using up egg whites. | I Love Dick on Amazon (some misgivings).

THINK: A metric. | “Growing paranoid is easy when, because of your gender, people really are out to get you.” Fear of a female president. | “We’re the only plane in the sky.” | Scam today before today scams you.