READ: “What happens when a dancer is denied the ability to labor? How we endure this insult becomes all we have left of our beauty.” | My son, the prince of fashion. | Seeing stars by Alex Ronan. | The novelist disguised as a housewife. | Right before the H&M show, the woman dressing Nef had given her a long look and said, “Are you a model? You’re a little uglier and fatter than the other girls.” | Web Safe 2k16 and memories of the pre-broadband Internet. | The clean. | Was Ma a bitch?

LOOK: Still Processing. | British Vogue documentary / What I see in the mirror by Vogue editor Alexandra Schulman. | The perfect London house. | Meals that can cook unheeded throughout children’s bath and bedtime and emerge, perfect, in time for Bake Off: Cook Simple / Anna Jones’ traybakes. / Rachel Roddy’s vegetable bake. | Baked spinach rice. | I do sort of wish this was a blog rather than a cookbook but obviously my copy is ORDERED. | Staff meals. |  #GRWM. | The first hundred Penguin books. | London’s female drag queens.

THINK: What ‘boyfriend’ clothes are really selling. | “I just really couldn’t deal with it. But when it was just a perfect little black horse, it was just everything I’d dreamed of.” | “The irony is that the middle-class focus on doing well as individuals helps to consolidate the success of the group as a whole, while the relative working-class emphasis on solidarity can serve to increase tension and frustration between individuals.” | “I tried Hillary Clinton’s diet and now I sympathize with her” <3 / “Anticipating a lot of attention, she instructed the team to be ready by the phones…”