READ: Bad writer. | “Before you commit to writing as a career, make sure you’re not simply agoraphobic or depressed…” / “Everything seems as blunt and eccentric and knowing as an email written at white heat: a mode of address that assumes it’ll all be understood—and if not, then fuck you.” | “My least favorite received idea about writing is that one must find one’s voice, as if it’s there inside you, fully formed and ready to turn on like a player piano. A voice is what emerges from an informed intelligence as it reaches toward accurate perception.” / “… my envy focuses not necessarily on writers whose work I admire, but on those whose performance of the writer’s life I find convincing.” |  “My mother was apparently cleaning one day, and she found the writing and wrote, “Very good,” and put it back.” | “I wanted to exercise a discipline that made demands of my body rather than my cortex.” | Cried. | The Mothers sounds exciting (“I don’t know what to do with good white people.”)

LOOK: Making Gay History podcast. | French spies! (Netflix in US, Amazon in UK). | Perfect Hillary poster. / Favourite US election podcasts. | I urgently require this incredibly expensive, beautiful water filter?

THINK: Housekeeping as an accomplishment and an act of love. | “What is always striking about the owners of taste is how aggressive they feel they have to be in proving they are right. It is a sadomasochistic contract: I know what is good, and therefore if you disagree you are clueless or worse.” | “In a sense, she is daring voters to study her positions, listen to her answers and not look to her for entertainment or emotional impact.” | It’s not in your head: new study links birth control to depression. | Feel it, show it, label it, watch it go.