READ: Carrie Fischer’s diary entries during her affair with Harrison Ford. | When can I say I’ll be alone forever? | “… I need to tell you: go now, right now, and tell your people that you love them.” | When Patti Smith messed up. | “Thinking about it dispassionately, and forgetting that we are friends, I cannot help feeling that the book doesn’t have much to say at all.” / “She sounded tired and bitter in the letter she wrote me rejecting my poem. How could someone as young as she must have been sound that old and unkind?” | Helen Garner’s savage self-scrutiny. | Alan Bennett’s 2016 diary. | The woman who might find us another earth. | “… in her Who’s Who entry, she listed “middle-distance staring” as one of her interests.” | Every time I got a new cellmate, I warned him, “Don’t be alarmed. I have a cardboard piano that I play.” | The Pope’s Penis: “It hangs deep in his robes, a delicate/ clapper at the center of a bell./ It moves when he moves, a ghostly fish in a/ halo of silver seaweed, the hair/ swaying in the dark and the heat — and at night/ while his eyes sleep, it stands up\ in praise of God.” By Sharon Olds.

LOOK: Talking Politics podcast. | Lentil soup with sausage, chard and garlic. | Amazing house in the far East of London. | Alice Waters’s Berkeley kitchen. | The feminist posters of See Red Women’s Workshop.

THINK: The NYT First Words column. | Raising kids who enjoy coming home. | How Russian cyberpower invaded the U.S. | “What Obama was able to offer white America is something very few African Americans could—trust. The vast majority of us are, necessarily, too crippled by our defenses to ever consider such a proposition.” | “It’s as though my mind is running simulations and can’t help but prefer the most dramatic option.” | “‘We were talking about the brown frilly bits on a fried egg, so he rang Nigella.’ (When I asked [Alan] Yentob about this, he shrugged as if this was what anyone would do.)” | Teenagers suing over climate change. | 2007. | While coming from a higher-class background helps men, it can actually hurt women. | “Optimism is a sense that everything’s going to be fine no matter what we do. Hope is something completely different. The kind of activist hope I believe in is that, although we don’t know what will happen, that uncertainty still means there’s grounds for intervening even without being sure of the outcome.” Rebecca Solnit | How to sleep.