READ: George Saunders: “It was a beautiful, mysterious experience and I find myself craving it while, at the same time, flinching at the thousands of hours of work it will take to set such a machine in motion again.” / But, you know, I’m nicer on the drug called “writing.” | “… half-demented with what would seem to be the combination of power and powerlessness.” Rachel Cusk on the age of rudeness. | Curtis Sittenfeld’s The Prairie Wife.

LOOK:  Georgia O’Keeffe’s shoes. | Cutest Ikea collection. | Nigella’s chocolate olive oil cake. | 30 a day. | Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic. | Good Ordinary Claret. | Maggi Hambling’s home. | The New Jock. | Sue: Peter says camellias aren’t his favourite tree. Peter: They’ve grown on me, mum. | Gardens planted by people fleeing Syria.

THINK: Fascinating profile of Theresa May: “Not only did Cameron beat her to it, he didn’t even notice she was putting herself forward.” / Mary Beard’s lecture on women in power (available as an LRB podcast). | “Most of us would not choose to be with people who regularly quizzed us or put us on the spot, even if it was just as a game. And yet how often do we do this to our children?” | “[Teens] tend to find parent restriction of social media actually more traumatic than whatever the event was.” | Why didn’t gay rights cure gay loneliness? | Supermute. (I have downloaded Twitterific for my phone so I could “muffle” Trump, Bannon, even President, and also Brexit, Corbyn and Farage. I can see when someone has tweeted about any of this and can choose, if I’m feeling strong, to tap on the tweet and see it.) | George W. Bush’s (undeniably competent) painted atonements.