READ: David Sedaris’s diary. | “Today is totally not going to work i’m so sorry. Been really hectic over here and some tears lol.” | Sophie Calle’s “neat trick is to create art as a way of distancing herself from emotion while provoking great tides of it in viewers.” | Stepmothers. | “For some reason, legs and waistlines argue constantly during this decade. In your forties, the encore adolescence, there seems to be some kind of revelation about pants that I have no access to (yet).” | Can’t wait to read: A Writing Life: Helen Garner and Her Work. | Soon Claire Messud will have a new book!

LOOK: Summer vegetable galette. | Green soup. | The best Nigella Lawson recipes: Part 1 / Part 2. | Strictly Ballet. / Dancer. | Anna Wintour’s wild garden. | Brian the Stockman at Wave Hill Station Mounting a Dead Horse. | “… the kind of dress that prioritizes the individual and her needs over the clichés of female role play.”

THINK: Work is my self-care. | “… birth is painful and frightening, a facing of one’s mortality and a loss of innocence akin to an experience of war.” | “The fruitlessness of endlessly fine-tuning your self-image—of frantically trying to echolocate your personhood against someone else’s story, real or fictional…” | “As refugees, we owed them our previous identity. We had to lay it at their door like an offering, and gleefully deny it to earn our place in this new country.” / Uppgivenhetssyndrom, or resignation syndrome. | It is on society to make changes, not on the disabled person. | To Melania, protection means hiding. | Why authoritarians attack the arts.