READ: A little tooth. | Sometimes she would simply “throw objects into the Thames at the dead of night”. When I asked what audience there was for these works, she said: “There was no audience at all. An audience of one.” | It pains me to say it, but I am a failed artist. | Kara Walker—No/Kara Walker—Yes/Kara Walker—? | Growing up in Comme des Garçons. | “I can remember my father saying to me at Thanksgiving, when my aunts would be around, ‘When I put my hand on my tie, it means you’re talking too much‘.” / We look at the world once in childhood. The rest is memory. | On parenting books. | Perhaps this one will be my last sharehouse. | Still Moving: a TinyLetter about women’s still life in the early 20th century. | Currently reading: Balancing Acts: Behind the scenes at the National Theatre.

LOOK: Fergus Henderson’s suit. | Persephone x Grenson. (Obviously not realistic as an actual shoe!) | Food Memory Bank. | New CBeebies drama for pre-schoolers set on inner city council estate. | Balls. | Granny Boyd’s biscuits, a Nigella recipe you almost certainly have the ingredients for in your house. | Leila’s Shop with Stevie MacKenzie-Smith. | Takeout-style sesame noodles.

THINK: I think I’ve ruined my child. | Matrescence. | “I took a standard practice that was about making the meeting open to other people and in a snide way I tried to use it to re-center myself and my feelings.” | Accelerationism. | Do public school uniforms solve inequality? | “The irony is that conservatives don’t actually care if progressives disapprove of them, with the result that political correctness generally amounts to internecine warfare on the left…” / “Dear Dr. ___. I’m the person who inadvertently bumped you at IGA this evening…” | “I don’t have many jealousy triggers. But I don’t like it when someone my wife is seeing takes the parking spot in front of my house.” | Skin hungry.