READ: I have never highlighted an Instapaper save more than this profile of Rachel Cusk. Eg: “Wanting people to like you corrupts your writing.” | “About two months before our first baby died, I announced to the internet I was pregnant with her…” | Wonderful profile of London’s mayor Sadiq Khan. | Growing up behind the scenes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. | I am half way through Conversations with Friends. In an interview on Literary Friction, Sally Rooney says she was surprised how many people were interested in her, rather than the book. Reading about her university debating career has made me one of those people. (I also thought this episode of Literary Friction about race was very good.)

LOOK: A special object. | Nigel Slater will publish a book of autumn and winter food and ritual. | How to make a layer cake that won’t collapse. | Coconut lentil dhal / more dhal. (As I post this, I realise I left the cumin seeds out of the vat sitting on my stove.) | SALT, FAT, ACID, HEAT. | Don’t forget Top of the Lake Season II is out.

THINK: Not my usual type of recommendation but I liked this man’s approach to money. Probably just as relevant to non-Australians. | How climate scepticism turned into something more dangerous. Also available as a podcast on the Guardian’s Audio Long Read feed. | Twitter is definitely making you more anxious. I have deleted it from my phone and it’s made such a difference.