READ: The Republic of Motherhood. | The princess myth: Hilary Mantel on Diana. | “Ah, the clock. Let me tell you about my clock.” / I need more time. | Chelsea Manning’s style. | “When I came back with the notebooks, she sighed. She knew she was too weak to use them. She looked at me and asked, Do you think they’ll make a film about me?”

LOOK:If you feel something, say something.” | Long-cooked vegetables. | Chicken fattee.

THINK: There’s no such thing as western civilisation. | Why we fell for clean eating. | “Did we feminists set ourselves up for this false equivalence, by talking among ourselves about who should sit down and the taste of male tears, at the expense of addressing the substance of anti-feminist arguments?” | “Even with other managers, I often got ignored or interrupted. At one point, John had a suggestion for how I could get more airtime. He wanted me to go to school — to learn to be a stand-up comic.” | How to write a star study | and an op ed | and about Nazis / (Nazisploitation.) | “We Brits are particularly susceptible to the double life, aren’t we? Is it because we are a sort of theatrical, and sort of unfaithful, culture?” John le Carré and Ben Macintyre in conversation. | “We wish for more complexity and logic in our politics, so we look to make political art that is logical and complex: a genre defined by John Le Carré.” | “Once your children know that even one person detests their bones and breath, they know.” | “A friend of mine repeatedly told her 5-year-old son, “Remember, everybody’s equal.” She thought she was getting the message across. Finally, after seven months of this, her boy asked, Mommy, what’s ‘equal’ mean?'” | Is there any point to protesting? | “The single essential survival skill for anybody interested in creating art is to learn to defend this inner life from the world.” | I have a guilty secret.