READ: “Something happened to me on the way to the hospital: my mind split in two.” | “It frightens me a little, to think of all that followed from that choice.” | “you know when you write about food so people think you are really confident around it but buying food in a market or even at a butcher or fishmonger can be this big terrifying encounter where you feel you will definitely get found out…” | Greta Gerwig’s radical confidence. | “… Drabble’s novels make me suspect that the “American” quality I’ve blamed for my sense of isolation on this damp island is, in fact, a distraction from a more common experience of women my age, in any age: there’s a fighting urge to disturb the mold of one’s life, as it sets.” / “You should never”, she said, “compliment an author on a very early book.” | I’m rereading my way through the books Alan Hollinghurst said, at a talk I went to a few weeks ago, shaped him. It was so exciting that they were ALL ON MY SHELF. No wonder I love him so much: Virginia Woolf’s diaries, Put Out More Flags by Evelyn Waugh, What Maudie Knew, Offshore by Penelope Fitzgerald — I think I am forgetting some — and David Szalay’s All That Man Is, which I haven’t read but will.

LOOK: 44-clove garlic soup / I read the Tartine cookbook in a cafe and this winter I will make black garlic. | Kitchen life at @cocoinmykitchen.Chana masala.“If there is even a whiff of professional chef on the plate, your dinner party is off to a lousy start and won’t recuperate.”Audm has audio versions of long stories from The Atlantic, the LRB etc. (It is quite expensive but maybe if you had a lot of housework lined up for a weekend you could get the three day trial.)

THINK: “Do not lay your hands on a woman who has said no, or pulled away, or even half-formed an excuse in her beautiful mouth. Did she mumble? Are you frightening her? Is she drunk? Are you drunk? You must ask yourself these questions. Every time. Do not cause harm. Don’t touch us without consent. Don’t sexualise us without consent. Don’t interrupt us. Don’t shout at us. Don’t manipulate us. Don’t demand things you don’t deserve. Don’t prey on women who are sad, or who have low self-esteem, or who are financially beholden to you. Behave better. We can see you.” | How to deal with sexual harassment while it’s happening. | What we lost in the Grenfell Tower fire. | I’m experimenting with how I use my phone, the internet and my time. It’s a constant fine tuning! I’ve done the “little clock by the bed so my phone’s downstairs overnight” thing. I got my most morally upright and disciplined friend to change the password on my Twitter account so I can’t read or post to my timeline. I love the people I follow so much, yet every day a new anxiety bomb would detonate and set my heart racing. I’ll be back at some point obviously, but I chose Sophie as my password custodian because I don’t want to disappoint her.  (Instagram can stay. I mainly get upset by world events; someone having a better day than I am does not hurt me.) “I either lived as a voice online or I lived as a human being in the world that humans had lived in since the beginning of time.