I’m a Melbourne writer living in London. This is my personal blog and a home to the archives of READ.LOOK.THINK, my irregular email compilation of the thoughtful, complex, beautiful and good.

Praise for READ.LOOK.THINK! Genius – Miss Moss. | Fantastic – The Monthly online. | “[Y]ou can honestly trust her with your life, or at least with what you are reading” – Hello Giggles. | “One of our foolproof go-to bookmarks” – Creative Tourist. | “The concept of this small yet perfectly formed newsletter is so brilliantly clever that I want to die for never having thought of it myself.” – Glamour Globe. | “a great eye” – When I Get a Minute. | “The internet/world is such a lovely, bearable place seen through @dailydoseofjess‘s eyes/links” – Rachael Maddux.

All photographs on this blog are by me and my Bessa R2A.