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The last 10 photos.

1. Obligatory pup. | 2. In De Beauvoir. | 3. Gilbert and George in Bethnal Green Road! I took this from our rented car like a massive shameless papp. | 4. In Brixton. | 5. Steven Wright’s House of Dreams in East Dulwich. | 6. Petersham Nurseries. | 7. I wish they’d taken the pricetag off the chair but hey ho. | 8. Now we get to the important stuff. There are new piglets and lambs at Hackney City Farm! | 9. Proud mum. | 10. Lamb!

This is the twentieth edition of 10 photos, and I can already tell as I post that it will be – for a while anyway – my last. I never disregard feelings of dissatisfaction or boredom; they’re always signs that something needs to change. And blogging is far too personal and ephemeral to ever do anything you’re no longer excited about. Still, 10 photos was very useful to me in its way. I began doing it last November I think when I was terribly cold and a bit bored by London. The discipline of looking for “nice” things to photograph made me pay more attention – which I’m sure in turn made me happier. Now I’m in love with this town again I don’t need an artificial prop to notice the good things about it. Thanks for playing along for the past twenty, friends X

10 photos.

A springy week in London. 1. Two little girls watching buskers. | 2. Spring in the secret garden. (It’s a graveyard and overgrown green off Mare Street but I can’t find its name anywhere.) | 3. A spillage at Climpsons, home of the best coffee. | 4. Lunch at the Coach and Horses (look at Jude getting ready to dig in!) | 5. In Morning Lane. | 6. The £7 lunch special at The Market Cafe. | 7. No one just waits anymore. | 8. Isn’t this the worst photo ever? But I had such a wonderful time at this dinner in Railroad I wanted to remember it. | 9. The tomato people’s stall at Broadway Market. | 10. Also at the market, I heard a very English person read out the salmon stall’s sign, “locally smoked in Stoke Newington” and I chanted it in her accent all the way home.

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10 photos.

Some moments from a weekend in Paris. Forget spring, it felt like we skipped straight to summer! 1. I love you. | 2. French gentleman. | 3. Oysters at Huitrerie Regis (f you stand at the bar they’re much cheaper, and you get to see him shucking them) | 4. Love locks on the Pont des Arts. | 5. Serge Gainsbourg’s house (I love love love this film about him). | 6. Chez Marianne, the place I tell everyone to go whenever they tweet “going to Paris, any reccs.” | 7. At the flea markets. | 8. At the Marche des Enfants Rouges. | 9. I was lying by the river waiting for Jude when this man began some ballet in the most confident, sun-loving way. | 10. Calm and Lydia Davis at La Belle Hortense.

10 photos.

I feel like a genius – I’m home from Australia and, touch wood, barely jetlagged at all. I think it’s because I split the journey in two and stopped overnight in Singapore. I got in at 9.30pm, had eight hours sleep, then woke to a full day to explore the city. I bought a bedspread in Little India, had a Thai massage followed by mee goring in Robertson Quays, then a (virgin) Singapore sling at Raffles and a walk through the CBD. What a beautiful city! 1 – 5. Little India. | 6. Mee goreng with a Tiger beer of course. | 7 – 9. Raffles. | 10. Singapore School of the Arts.