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Google Reader, RSS and blog housekeeping.

Impending RSS disaster and Dark Age.

I follow loads of RSS feeds for fun and for work, and all year I have felt smug about what I consider my clever set up of them (Google Reader in Firefox for personal, Chrome for work; a combo of Instapaper and Buffer and Twitter and Google Bookmarks to keep track of everything). But disaster has struck. While it’s happy to bore us to death with things we don’t want, Google has removed support from Reader and will be shutting it down in July.

I am currently trialling a solution that involves Feedbin ($2 a month! I would be happy to pay that to Google if only they’d take it) and Reeder. My hope is that by funneling Feedbin through Reeder I will get its smooth, efficient reading experience without its grey-paletted ugliness. Other people have found good (free) replacements in the form of The Old Reader and Feedly.

As for following my blog and READ.LOOK.THINK, there are three options in addition to the full RSS feed:

  • My mailing list. Only once a week, only READ.LOOK.THINK. Sign up here; this is what it looks like.
  • Facebook. One link a week, only to READ.LOOK.THINK. Like on FB.
  • Bloglovin.’ (I really don’t know what this is at all.)

Do tell me if you hear of a good RSS reader between now and July. I have high hopes for Digg’s, and you can sign up to be notified when it’s ready.

Out of office.

Out of office
Your correspondent is on an internet break for a while! (She tells you not because she thinks the world revolves around her and her web presence. But because if she doesn’t announce it, she won’t have the willpower to stick to it.) Back in the second week of Feb, probably X