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Girl news.




Sunday is sixteen months old.

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Hackney for mums.

Hackney for Mums 1

Just because you have had a baby doesn’t mean you want to retire from the world; mothering is invisible enough in many ways without feeling exiled from cafes and society. Now that my baby has had her first birthday, I feel ready to make some pronouncements about the nicest excursions we’ve had in our neighbourhood!

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Reading up.


My friend asked me for a baby reading list. I would never feel comfortable saying “this is what having a baby is like” or “this is what it’s like to be a mother” but I do feel confident in sharing what I liked reading when I was thinking about having a baby, when I was pregnant, and then when I was looking after a tiny new baby, reading out paragraphs to Jude in a whisper to reassure us both that whatever she was doing was normal.

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What no one tells you about motherhood.

In bed.

Blowing bubbles.

Getting ready to roll from her back to her front (can't yet.)


Watching Girls.

20 weeks old.

Now Sunday is nearly five months old.

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