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Shakespeare and Co

READ: Interview with Helen Garner, 1986. | Akhil Sharma: “I stopped wishing away the guilt and started acting in ways I didn’t need to feel guilty about, even a little. No more stealing Splenda. No more mixing recyclables.” / “The book does everything I would want a book to do. I just wish twelve and a half years of my life hadn’t gone into creating it.” | “Remember, these are accepted manuscripts I’m talking about … You can imagine what rejected manuscripts are like.” | The “female inclination toward breaking form.” | The Bloomsbury Group’s food. | A dapper Melbourne chap. | Doing Exercise Videos In My Kitchen.

LOOK: Labneh balls. | Pressing edible flowers. | At home with Ashley Helvey on Sight Unseen. | Aphex Twin: Selected Ambient Works Volume II. | Crispy almond-coated chicken. | Fromager d’Affinois and Medjool dates. | Meet the People. | Virginia Woolf ballet. | Hat trick. | She is Butters. (My friend Laura’s blog: best food photography. | Bon Appétempt. | Non-dominant hand. | Paris in the spring, with a small companion.

THINK: Tumblr and emergent optimisation. | The Mere Exposure Effect. | Public smoking bans work.



This READ.LOOK.THINK. is being produced while I try and teach the baby to nap in her cot, not just her pram. For a moment she seemed like she would sleep when I was (unsustainably) leaning down to hold her hand, but then my ponytail flipped over my head and she laughed herself awake. Now she is crying in such a dispirited and tired way I feel like a terrible person. If she has not fallen asleep by the time I post this I’ll have to give up and put her in her pram. Not feeling the self elevation/self love right now.

READ: Young love fucks us up. | “Thinking, not moving, was living.” | “You hesitate to say anything at all, as if staying quiet better preserves the miracle.” | “Being immersed in the daily life of a stay-at-home father, in what most people still considered women’s work, had changed how I read.” | As a feminist, I knew the score. Having a baby meant writing was out of the question, for months if not years. But what effect would the pram in the hall have on reading?

LOOK: notes from apart. | Celia Rowlson-Hall‘s choreography. | Call Chelsea Peretti. | Cake with edible flowers. | Hackney Marshes: A Walk for One. | Za’atar. | Fatima Al Qadiri. | Practising Simplicity. | One room living. | Sunday with a swan by Vic.

THINK: Forget clicks. I think we know now that even people who’ve shared it haven’t read it. | Class in Australia. | “…we always knew we could do a great deal of damage to this planet, but even the most hubristic among us had not imagined we would ever be able to fundamentally change its rhythms and character, just as a child who has screamed all day at her father still does not expect to see him lie down on the kitchen floor and weep.” | The shallowness of True Detective.



READ: The Glass Essay by Anne Carson | Mary Beard: The public voice of women. | When a (comparatively) carefree blackgirl wins an Oscar. | Emily Gould: How much my novel cost me. I liked finding out that this, which sounds so natural, took months to write. I also like it because there’s hater fuel in there. She squandered a small fortune. Her boyfriend paid off her credit card. These days it’s braver to say that kind of stuff than it is to admit to… (I don’t know, whatever it used to be scary to say in personal essays). | Steve Roggenbuck’s MFA.

LOOK: Anabela’s favourite yoga and meditation apps. | Noisli. | Enjoying Ana Kinsella’s A week’s clicks. | Happy birthday Fashion Abecedaire!

THINK: Normcore: “letting go of the need to look distinctive.” | Peer pressure no longer exists because peers no longer exist. | Television is not the new novel. Television is the old novel. | Regret is the perfect emotion for our self-absorbed times. | On boring, inaccessible theatre. | Australians “find something cathartic about this official form of violence.” | Parental anxieties and stress about technology are “devastating and destructive.”


READ: The love affair between Elizabeth Bowen and Charles Ritchie. “If she ever thought that she loved me more than I did her, she is revenged.” | On not going home. | Mavis Gallant: “Had she lived some other way, she would not have been the writer that she was.” | “Never trust a fart. Never pass up a drink. Never ignore an erection.” A man in his 90s. | “Reading widely and deeply is crucial… but knowing every important work of literature, if you want to be a novelist, is not required and could even hinder things.” Rachel Kushner’s By the Book. | How to be popular. | I put together a reading list for soon-to-be mothers. (I can’t believe Sunday is six months old. Some photos of her new bedroom.)

LOOK: At least four cups a day of Campbell’s Perfect Tea. | I can’t wait to watch The Broken Shore. | The Macrobiotic Plate. | Strumming music.

THINK: Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon. | Anna Krien: the “seemingly contrary mix of uncertainty and confidence” of good longform journalists. | Your memory rewrites the past and edits it with new experiences.