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Like horses.

(But sometimes they’re the only proof that the person holding the camera was there too!)


It was our holiday’s last stop. Aside from an almost accidental glance at the Colosseum, we didn’t have the energy to race around looking at ruins. We’ll save that for another trip; I’m sure we’ll visit again. We stayed in a beautiful airbnb flat and just stuck close to home, getting ready to return to real life.

Wolverine stew.

We ate in an empty restaurant called Il Cassero three times in two days. The biggest, and best, meals we’ve ever had. The owner brought me a bottle of wine when I said a glass; the whole thing cost what a glass would cost in London but was twice as delicious and, for some reason, a billion times more hangover-inducing. And we ate wolverine! It tasted – oddly – like canned tuna.