READ: Nico Muhly: Thoughts on being well. | “My window was a cottage window so it wasn’t high enough to be a suicide window…” Jenny Diski on leaving Doris Lessing’s house. | “Little of her work from this time has survived, owing to her habit of destroying anything that failed to match up to the exacting vision of her maturity. This is why it sometimes seems as if Martin sprang into existence fully formed, absolute in her commitment to geometric abstraction.” Profile of Agnes Martin. | Los Angeles plays itself. | The Language of the Brag by Sharon Olds. | Helen Garner (genius) on the insults of age.

LOOK: The Five O’Clock Apron: Proper Food for Modern Families. I bought this to read on Kindle but it’s so good I wish I’d bought the paper copy. | The Gannet Address Book: Paris. (Fifty of the city’s most exciting restaurants and food shops.) | Superfood tapenade. | Pistachio pavlova with strawberry rhubarb cream (I can’t wait for my new oven to be installed so pavlova can be back on the menu). Although what if I discover the problem with my pavlova was never my oven, but – chillingly – me? | The seven minute egg. | Dosidomifa Pt. 1.

THINK: “We have so many people using their energy now to attack how other people use their energy. This is the new nullity.” | “…three dimensions of food we normally consider are quantity, quality, and type. So, for a month, or however long is tolerable, you eat in the fourth dimension, which is time. You read no nutrition labels, and you “detox” from thinking about food. Instead you think about the time you spend preparing food.”




READ: At the 38 week mark of this pregnancy I decided to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians for the first time. I was only acquainted, via general pop culture, with Kim (post-Kanye), Kendall (modelling) and Bruce (Diane Sawyer). I started on Season 10 and was up to date as of yesterday but just got an iTunes pop up telling me there is a new episode to download. Anyway! Who wouldn’t want to be part of a gang of people allowed to be their worst (or in sweet-natured Bruce’s case, most secret) selves with each other and still be reliably loved? It’s basically a perfect family. A perceptive profile of Kris. | The Folded Clock was as good as I expected (very). | Virginia Woolf’s mother. | “Surely, I thought, there had to be a side to racism that benefitted me.” | The Tournament of Masculinity, a new column by our generation’s Clive James!

LOOK: Rocket & Squash’s Supplemental is published every Monday rounding up the weekend’s food writing and recipes from UK papers. | “The Thought Chamber is a room devoid of light and sound, where a guest is left on their own for up to an hour. During that time, they are asked to vocalise the thoughts that come into their head…” Grayson Perry. / Grayson Perry makes a pot. | I couldn’t remember why I’d saved this link, but then realised. Scroll down for Ottolenghi’s kale borek! | FvF tour of Wendy Whitely’s home and the Surry Hills studio. (The interview is great too. “The place was full of junkies. I mean, we were also junkies, and junkies that needed to get money surrounded him. [Brett] didn’t need to do that, so they would annoy the shit out of him.”) | Victorian warehouse transformed for £800. | CACTUS TIPS.

THINK: Postnatal depletion. | “[T]he necessity to ‘pass’— the idea of ‘passing’ itself—is bullshit.” Hari Nef. | Australian politics: I subscribed to The Monthly’s daily email just to get Sean Kelly’s column.




READ: “It made her feel, for the first time, that there was something wrong not just with the pictures but with her body… the night after seeing the picture with the black bars, she wore her shorts and shirt into the bathtub.” Sally Mann’s Exposure. | The full set of Women In Clothes interviews are online. | “No one looked, no one watched, no one gave a shit about me and if they did why should I care?” | “Yeah, the chatty one replied: Be well. BE GAY!” Leaves by Jeremy Atherton Lin. | Final Mad Men series analysis on Strawberry Fields Whatever. | Americans get books released so much early than we do. To read, when it finally comes here: The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson. (A review.)

LOOK: A short film of London chef Margot Henderson at work. | Australian native smudge stick. | “Diane’s new neighbors across the way never shut their curtains, and that was the beginning of an intimate, but very one-sided relationship.” A podcast episode for when you feel like crying discreetly on a bus. | Some ballet! The latest Design Files ‘Melbourne Mornings’ video follows Juliet Burnett, a senior artist at The Australian Ballet. / A ballet dancer, offstage, with a camera. / An unlikely ballerina: a profile of Misty Copeland.

THINK: What a beautiful, stirring review of the British Museum exhibition ‘Indigenous Australia: Enduring Civilisation.’ “Here is a wisdom the world needs to listen to.” I’m always awake to this, but typically Australian of me to pay attention when someone not in Australia says it.




READ: “She wasn’t born Toni Morrison. She had to become that person.” | Profile of fearsome genius Lydia Davis (I love how she runs after someone fearing she’d given the wrong directions). | This female consciousness: Leslie Jamison on Chris Kraus. | To read: The Folded Clock / A Little Life. | I enjoyed both these Hollywood behind-the-scenes features very but did not realise their significance til I read this @pushinghoops tweet: the woman who teaches directors how to direct / the woman who finds their cast: “as w most influential women their impact is more recognizable than they are“. | “Book reviewing is a game of outperforming the author…” / Dayna Tortorici’s Longform podcast). | Two beds and the burdens of feminism. | “The shock of critique is the first, faint sign of the coming conflict.” Rachel Cusk on raising teenagers.

LOOK: Allmende Kontor. | Jacinta Moore’s Australian Art pinterest board. | Bomb Sight: Mapping the London Blitz. | Should Have Known Better by Sufjan Stevens. | Sounds of the Bodleian. | The first episode of The Lit Up Show podcast is already so good!

THINK: “You’re sneezing to protect yourself. The fact that you don’t like the sneezing, that’s tough luck.” Stop seeing allergies as a disease, despite the misery they cause. |  Making time for kids? Study says quality trumps quantity. | All migration involves loss.