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READ: James‘s Australian Subdistrict Rugby Haikus. | I’m finally reading Knausgaard as he should be read: on my phone while very, very slowly pushing a pram. The best secondary sources: Ben Lerner in the LRB / The Paris Review / The Millions. | Trying to recapture the high of The Examined Life; planning an Adam Phillips binge after his Paris Review interview. | “… the primacy of simple opinion in Rush’s work.” | David Sedaris: Living the Fitbit life. | A brief note about my mother the Comeback Queen.

LOOK: Excited for Serial. | A collection of satisfying plant-based main meals. | I made and loved these caramellos! The “caramel” in particular is insane, but look what it’s made of. | Storing away for the change of seasons: natural health remedies for winter healing. | London’s best park cafés. | My photos from Italy sucked. I’ve completely lost the knack of using my camera.

THINK: “There exists a myth that motherhood isn’t a creative phase. Yet, in reality, you may feel alive with ideas, desire and ambition. It is just that you won’t be able to get anything done.” | Turia Pitt was badly burnt. Her Australian Women’s Weekly cover is ground breaking. I’m trying to be more conscious of my fear and aversion to facial difference; it’s discriminatory and cruel. I admire her very much.

PS: My blog went offline this week after some upgrade thing happened. Thank you so much to Diana for fixing it in about one second! Heart emoji!


Sausage dog hedge.

READ: “There was the author, Chad Harbach, who had spent a decade on a novel his friends thought he’d never finish…” I love The Art of Fielding; Vanity Fair has made available Keith Gessen’s fascinating Making Of article. | Sheila Heti interiews people about their “Twitter philosophies” at The Believer. | Brilliant profiles: of Edward St. Aubyn / of the poet Patricia Lockwood. | How not to review women’s writing. | Remember this: Is the LRB the best magazine in the world? I found the brilliant Love, Nina at Oxfam: it’s a book of letters Mary-Kay Wilmers’ nanny wrote home. | Miranda July: TV | Browsing through The Atlantic’s By Heart archive.

LOOK: Savory granola. | How to have a better lunch at your desk. | Beautiful new Japanese cafe in Dalston | Camille Bidault-Waddington on Instagram | Alphabet Journal Issue A is out; what an achievement by Luisa Brimble. A photo I took of Jude’s multigrain french toast is on the back cover. He always tries to the extend the bread for a day after I would have thrown it out. | Hannah invited me to do a Proust Questionnaire for the Benah blog, a narcissist’s dream come true. | A mix in 12 parts: Philip Glass mix. | Summer.

THINK:  Consumed every podcast in iTunes with Andrew Solomon on it. How the worst moments in our lives make us who we are. | The Australian Bad Play. (Interesting on our conflict aversion, as a people.)



London Fields

READ: “I put them together today—30 years of dried flowers—and I photographed them.” Interview with Sophie Calle. | Curtis Sittenfeld: Confessions of a prep-school feminist. | “… no girl grows up wanting to count bylines or to scour TV shows for signs of sexism.” | Pen names: Writing is hard enough without the sin of pride. | “This is the dream for poets, to be a poet when the Internet exists. Man! We got an opportunity!”

LOOK: Cried listening to how Andrew Solomon became a father. | And almost did  again during this moving Radio National interview with Clive James. | Music from Text. | Zucchini fritters (not fried, meaning they’re almost easy enough to make). | Marina Abramović is coming to London. | Fatima Al Qadiri (an interview). | DELICIOUS BOX WINE!

THINK: “I was my daughter’s sole caregiver long enough to know that I was ready for it to be over.” (You dick, you dick!) | “All he had to do when he woke up, I thought at the time, was go to work.” | “Nothing will ever change if every woman who’s been shocked and scarred by childbirth, every woman who has felt rightfully broken by it, simply expresses gratitude for her living baby and closes the case.” | Public schools deserve support now more than ever. | The opposite of procrastination.


Winter, Lea Bridge

READ: “I think there is a strong relationship between writing and shame.” Ben Lerner | “Neurosurgery,” he smiles, “appealed to my sense of glory and self-importance.” | Paris Review: The Art of Screenwriting No. 4, Matthew Weiner. | Personal essays that “follow the infinitude of a private life toward the infinitude of public experience” | “…the unknown need not be turned into the known through false divination.” | After two significant operations and a long course of chemo, my ironman triathlete mum has been setting outrageous goals. | Ballet books were my favourite when I was young. Drina! Noel Streatfeild of course. Excited for Astonish Me (and  Fallout, about the theatre).

LOOK: Stevie’s Weekend Lists | My prayers have been answered: BBC Radio 4 podcast In the Psychiatrist’s Chair. | Lemon chia almond bites. | Asparagus season! Grilled asparagus pasta (but I used wholemeal fusilli instead of orzo). | milkingAlmonds plantbased recipes. | Apiece Apart Maria shirred waist dress. | Battersea Flower Station.

THINK: I’m sick of Dead Girl Shows. | “What a sad state of affairs it is that people need to be reminded or instructed to read women.”