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“SELF ELEVATION/love urself.”

Seven months


I just put Sunday to bed. I am very strict and inflexible about her bedtime. We’re travelling to Paris in a few weeks, and only after we booked did we suddenly realise we’d have to stay in the hotel after 7pm and silently eat dinner together so she can sleep. C’est la vie! I can’t wait for us to show her Paris. Even French people, famously French, will melt at the sight of this small baby. Everyone does. Today I was at Ridley Road Market and saw a simple blue tshirt upon which was written “SELF ELEVATION/love urself.” I took a picture of it, obviously. The stall holder ran up to me. He was going to get cross, but as I turned around he saw my baby strapped my chest. He downgraded from furious to cooing in an instant. I deleted the photo while he waved at Sunday. He said thank you; he had to “protect his IP.” (Please don’t copy his slogan.) Anyway, Sunday is seven months old now. Life is very happy with her in it. She can sit up without help, and also say “buh.”

Meeting the birds at Victoria Park.



Photos by Sunday’s friend Vic.



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