READ: “I’ll sleep with you again if you send me the first draft of your novel.” | “I thought of it as England itself, and I can’t say I loved it, only that it was what life was.” On BBC Radio 4. | “You’re attracted to people who are attracted to strength and hate weakness.” | You’re just a baby. | “Somehow, along the way, she made a decision to be excellent while still being Serena.” / “I craved the right to turn my face to the wall, to create a death commensurate with bourgeois achievement, political awareness, and aesthetically compelling feminine despair.” | Contributed a link to Stevie’s Weekend List: Cut-out-and-keep special: “a go-to kit for bolstering and yes!ing.”

LOOK: ARTnews Consumer Reports (especially this one). | “I have never objected to mess, since mess reminds me that I can choose to write or I can choose to clean, and I have always chosen to write.” Writers’ rooms. | Steve Reich’s Clapping Music app. | Respectful parenting podcast. | On Instagram: @peopleintheirhomes and @thecuriouspear. | Spiced courgette and lemon cake. / Lemon and lavender yogurt cake.

THINK: How the internet can kill your anxiety. | Your perfume is killing me!!!!!!! | Identity is lost without a moral compass: moral traits like kindness and integrity define who we are. | Virtue signalling/shy Tories. | Self care.




READ: “On Friday we had two babies but by Monday we had none…” | “I remembered vividly that a psychiatrist had once written “She deeply fears losing her boyfriend, with whom she has created an ideal home life”, and I thought that this was true, and I thought that this was the reason I believed (fully and entirely) that my boyfriend had cancer of the blood. As it turned out, the reason I believed this was because he did. He did have cancer of the blood”. | “If I find myself obsessing over the exact wording, I’ll remind myself that “perfect communication” is a destructive myth and can be a form of trying to control other people’s feelings or perception of me.” / “…I assign complexity to his silence, confuse that silence for disapproval, and believe that that disapproval is indicative of my failure to meet standards I held for myself long before he entered my sphere.” / “I walked home, reprising in my head a mini-quiz I gave myself each day, I guess to keep my insecurities nice and sharp: What had I done wrong, besides everything?” | I can’t go on! (Why do people get stage fright?) | Weakness revealed. | Not writing.

LOOK: Diana Day by Day! | Vegetables à la Grecque. | Best banana bread. | Rachel Roddy’s tomato sauce. | Charred corn with miso butter, bacon and garlic scapes. | Fresh turmeric and chicken curry. | Kitchari. | A ground breaking kitchen in London.

THINK: Should I use the term “illegal immigrant“? | The secret to love is just kindness. | “… all these stories of human degradation are never enough.” | “Text game”/”Pussy affluenza.” | Third pregnancy is




READWhy am I hot? | “I guess that is what is so embarrassing about being a poet, that you might be filling the world up with more crap. That your pathetic little thing is not interesting to anyone but yourself.” | A profile of Nigel Slater. | “He turned — bare chested — to the rest of the lads, suggested that perhaps it was time this became a “lids off” party?” | Incognito. | Dispatches from trauma island. | I love Jeanette Winterson’s writing on health: on hormones / on fasting.

LOOK: Incredible real life political drama in artful ABC documentary The Killing Season. | Parm broth. | Spaghetti with vegemite. | Skye Gyngell’s apricot butter. | Now fewer than 20 days.

THINK: “Screen Addiction is a new way for kids to be blithe and oblivious; in this sense, it is empowering to the children, who have been terrible all along.” | How to get out of your head. | How to stay mostly unruffled with toddlers. | The dowdy patient.





READ: “Then comes a day when you see a ‘woman’ who is buying tampons and you think of her as a girl. And she is; anyone who has periods is a girl.” | How to pose like a man. | Ben Lerner: on disliking poetry. | Alice Pung: Two cultures and a baby. | … new narrative possibilities in parenthood. | “She read mysteries, weighed herself, threw pebbles in an urn.” | “So I was like, whatever, let me know when you get to 60,000 words in a row, and we’ll get coffee. One (1) cup.” | The hierarchies of an Australian strip club. | Bookmarking the Paris Review interview with Elena Ferrante for when I finally read the Neapolitan novels. (Of course, the more people say they love them the less I can drag myself to catch up, which is why I am only now watching The Sopranos, a decade late.)

LOOK: BBC documentary on Arnold Circus. / Profiles and home tours of Barbican residents. | “Uncover a grave, examine remains and reveal the victim’s identity in this free online course.” / The Met’s slightly creepy and pervy crime museum will soon be accessible to the public. | I came so close to getting our front door painted this colour, but chickened out. | Sunflower seed risotto. | What I wore when

THINK: The undoing of Ed Miliband and how Labour lost the election. We saw Ed Miliband in Hackney this week. | “Outsider” art: “…a reminder to have the patience not to know everything about what’s inside.” | “The trick of conversation in the Internet age is accommodating the slow pace of others while still moving forward in the vanguard.” | Do you have kids? Do you have plans? Do you have regrets? | Women who fail at joy.