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READ: Alex Ronan’s year as an abortion doula. | Five Dials parenting issue (PDF) ft. Heidi Julevits. | The mother question by Meghan Daum. | Literary mothers: a conversation and book list. | “It’s news if a woman feels terrible about herself in the world—​anywhere, anytime, ever.” | Laura Jane drinks wine.

LOOK: Grizzly and Golden. | Criminal: a podcast. | Sight Unseen house tour: Su Wu of I’m Revolting. | bawkbawk’s instagram. | S N I P P E T S. | Mornings After archive on Adult Mag. | Yo-Yo Ma’s On Being podcast episode: Music happens between the notes. | I wrote down some of my favourite places in Hackney for mums.

THINK: Artworks are people.


Hackney for mums.

Hackney for Mums 1

Just because you have had a baby doesn’t mean you want to retire from the world; mothering is invisible enough in many ways without feeling exiled from cafes and society. Now that my baby has had her first birthday, I feel ready to make some pronouncements about the nicest excursions we’ve had in our neighbourhood!

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READ:  “My first wife was very New Age. I tried to accommodate it.” A profile of Ian McEwan. I am enjoying The Children Act, elegant and adult. | “This is neurotic, but it’s sincere in its neurosis.” (Savouring 10:04.)

LOOK: Grayson Perry’s In the Best Possible Taste. | East London swimmers. | A nice detail from a beautiful London flat tour: “…who purchased it from the government by selling a mobile given to her by Alexander Calder.” | I would love, in an alternative life, to live in the Cairo. | Courgette recipes. | Natural health for early pregnancy. | Every day before she goes to work my friend Dale makes meticulous, delicious bento boxes for herself and her one year old. | I just bought these for Sunday! | Scans of interiors. | Brothl’s vegetable broth.

THINK: The rhythms of parenting by Stephanie Dowrick. | “A morally reprehensible piece of media circulates, and curiosity overwhelms common sense.” | Creativity: “really just a fancy kind of productivity.” | “The “we need to have something on this” impulse leads to the worst (professional) writing on the web.”



READ: Dress, Memory by Lorelei Vashti: a beautiful memoir. | Moving experience, by Helen Garner. | “I found that the whole secret of human connection with others was to give the deepest self.” | “Knowing too much seems a strange problem for an author to face, since the work of the novel is to impose meaningful order on the welter of experience…” | “I see the nine years I spent working on my Ph.D. as […] a quest for a lineage that might give me a right to speak.” | “As an intellectual or whatever, I was skeptical.” The tarot card reader. | “I want to leave in more mistakes, to leave an impression more provocative than good.” Imperfect beauty. | “But then again, you don’t really have a “reason” to feel this way, do you? People have been through worse.” | The Referees, a story by Joseph O’Neill. | So excited to read In the Light of What We Know. | Loneliness and solitude: a reading list. | I finally read The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P because my friend Emma and I have been quoting Sheila Heti’s essay for weeks: “The women around him do the heavy labour of making relationships honest and tender, because that’s their position culturally: they’re the ‘immigrant labourers’ in the business of love.” And what about Nate always getting his work done even as Hannah’s suffers?

LOOK: Nourishing Traditions chicken stock. | mountainpottery on Instagram. | Apple rings five ways. | Brussels sprouts in a winter vegetable slaw. | Butternut squash lasagna on My New Roots. | Tokyo potted gardens. | Life in Squares: can’t wait.

THINK: Carefree Black Girl: The life and death of Karyn Washington. | The problem of writers’ entitlement. | “Shame […] is what we feel when we haven’t lived up to some ideal of ourselves.” | “[M]any Indigenous childhoods look all wrong to those who regard them from the fortress of their own system.” Andrew Solomon on how the stolen generations are an unending disaster for Australia.