READ: “It made her feel, for the first time, that there was something wrong not just with the pictures but with her body… the night after seeing the picture with the black bars, she wore her shorts and shirt into the bathtub.” Sally Mann’s Exposure. | The full set of Women In Clothes interviews are online. | “No one looked, no one watched, no one gave a shit about me and if they did why should I care?” | “Yeah, the chatty one replied: Be well. BE GAY!” Leaves by Jeremy Atherton Lin. | Final Mad Men series analysis on Strawberry Fields Whatever. | Americans get books released so much early than we do. To read, when it finally comes here: The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson. (A review.)

LOOK: A short film of London chef Margot Henderson at work. | Australian native smudge stick. | “Diane’s new neighbors across the way never shut their curtains, and that was the beginning of an intimate, but very one-sided relationship.” A podcast episode for when you feel like crying discreetly on a bus. | Some ballet! The latest Design Files ‘Melbourne Mornings’ video follows Juliet Burnett, a senior artist at The Australian Ballet. / A ballet dancer, offstage, with a camera. / An unlikely ballerina: a profile of Misty Copeland.

THINK: What a beautiful, stirring review of the British Museum exhibition ‘Indigenous Australia: Enduring Civilisation.’ “Here is a wisdom the world needs to listen to.” I’m always awake to this, but typically Australian of me to pay attention when someone not in Australia says it.




READ: “She wasn’t born Toni Morrison. She had to become that person.” | Profile of fearsome genius Lydia Davis (I love how she runs after someone fearing she’d given the wrong directions). | This female consciousness: Leslie Jamison on Chris Kraus. | To read: The Folded Clock / A Little Life. | I enjoyed both these Hollywood behind-the-scenes features very but did not realise their significance til I read this @pushinghoops tweet: the woman who teaches directors how to direct / the woman who finds their cast: “as w most influential women their impact is more recognizable than they are“. | “Book reviewing is a game of outperforming the author…” / Dayna Tortorici’s Longform podcast). | Two beds and the burdens of feminism. | “The shock of critique is the first, faint sign of the coming conflict.” Rachel Cusk on raising teenagers.

LOOK: Allmende Kontor. | Jacinta Moore’s Australian Art pinterest board. | Bomb Sight: Mapping the London Blitz. | Should Have Known Better by Sufjan Stevens. | Sounds of the Bodleian. | The first episode of The Lit Up Show podcast is already so good!

THINK: “You’re sneezing to protect yourself. The fact that you don’t like the sneezing, that’s tough luck.” Stop seeing allergies as a disease, despite the misery they cause. |  Making time for kids? Study says quality trumps quantity. | All migration involves loss.




READ: “Why should I embody the stereotype of ‘struggling artist’ if I don’t have to?” Art, selling out, and the audacity of wanting it all. | Colm Tóibín: “What you’re doing is you’re devising strategies for controlling information and emotion.” | “I just see an awful lot of people who believe that what makes a novel is eighty thousand consecutive words.” | “In one swift, startling gesture, the author defended both her private self and the primacy of her imagination.” | Enormous Eye watches writers watch their days. | “Am I an expert? Can I speak on this topic? What makes me valid enough to have a voice?” (part of the Guardian series women on women writing online. | Karl Ove Knausgaard travels through North America. Part 1 Part 2.

LOOK: The Gannet visits food obsessives (like the owner of E5 Bakehouse) in different countries and rummages around their kitchens. | All of Nigella Bites seasons one and two are on YouTube! | Plant-based pho. | If your beloved stuffed animal needs a bath. | Born yesterday: mothers and their newborn babies. | Kitchen makeover 1: slow / 2: quick. | Still love The Rereaders, Australia’s Culture Gabfest. | “Be patient – even with chaos.” Lydia Davis’s advice to the young.

THINK: “The idea that women have a hair-trigger for jealousy, that we despise each other as a matter of course, is a toxic hangover from adolescence. I felt no envy when I saw Miranda nurse my son.” | “I looked at Penny and thought, ‘Yeah, she’s pretty attractive.’ And I love her.” Couples in transition. | “… the self-critical part of ourselves […] has some striking deficiencies: it is remarkably narrow-minded; it has an unusually impoverished vocabulary; and it is, like all propagandists, relentlessly repetitive.” | Medicating women’s feelings. | Motherhood: “You’re not going to become a new person unless on some level you want to become a new person.”

PS: Have you donated to the Emily Books Kickstarter? Even if you are quite skint consider giving $5 so you can share the link without feeling like an imposter; then someone you share it with might be massively rich and donate $200! That is how Kickstarter works I think, the precise donation is slightly less important than sharing the link and saying you made one.




READ: “Lose something every day. Accept the fluster/ of lost door keys, the hour badly spent./ The art of losing isn’t hard to master.” / Wasting time. | “You hope that the adults will read what you write. That way, they will have to listen to you without interrupting.” / “… the fascination dates back to childhood. I probably just wanted more attention from the adults around me, but that often manifested in wildly inappropriate crushes on adults.” (I cried when I finished The First Bad Man. I listened to it on Audible, read by Miranda July. | Domestic purging. (I bought the Japanese tidying book after reading this. It’s insane, but with the unmistakable ring of truth.) | “But Lerner is doing something different with his metafictional plot: he’s showing us, in good faith, how fiction gets written.”

LOOK: The car nap: an essay in selfies. | Favourite new tea: London Breakfast. / Lovely mug. | Music to test psychedelics to. | Chilly Gonzales’s Pop Music Masterclass. | Will I ever learn to use the manual settings on my camera? Probably not, but this is the best explanation I’ve read and half understood. | The backstory behind a tiny Melbourne home. | Updated, plunderable recipe page on Anna Jones’ website. | This recipe for a three ingredient pot roast really worked! But I had to ask for my receipt at M and S because I was so shocked by the price of the meat; I think I chose the wrong cut. | Poached and roasted quinces. | Chard fritters. | Chargrilled red peppers. | Simple stocks. | Seriously super cereal from My New Roots. | Cooking for artists by Mina Stone. | On Instagram, calming Nigel: @thenigelslater / Charming Nigella: @nigellalawson / “Things that go on and in my body”: @coconutfacepaint / Do you like the new look of this blog?! It’s by Natasha Mead. Her lovely instagram: @natashamead. Thank you Natasha!

THINK: On editing: “[T]he pay is rubbish and the most important aspect of our work practice is to efface ourselves completely.” | Multimedia bricolage. | “… a criminal, at least for a short period of time is free, free to do anything he wishes. Unfortunately it sound[s] as if I admired that, which I don’t.” Patricia Highsmith on murder. | “The conceit of people, to think that if they’re not reading about you in a newspaper or magazine, then you’re not doing anything.” Big Patti Smith interview.