There are a lot of talented writers and authors in Australia. There are many famous Australian authors that will not make it onto the following list, not because they are unworthy, but because there are just too many to mention.

P.L. Travers (1899 – 1996)

Born in Maryborough, Australia, Pamela Lyndon Travers wrote the timeless Mary Poppins series. Disney soon made her work rise to fame around the world. The Mary Poppins screenplay adaptation is still regarded as a masterpiece.

Colleen McCullough (1937 – 2015)

Colleen McCullough was born and raised in Wellington, Australia. She is well known for her novel series, Masters of Rome, and she has also received international acclaim for her novel ‘’The Thorn Birds’’.

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Germaine Greer (1939 -)

This Australian author and feminist rose to fame with her book entitled ‘’The Female Eunuch’’. Germaine Greer has raked in a PhD in literature, and she has taught the subject in a variety of educational settings.

Clive James (1939 -)

Currently holding a reputation as a journalist, critic, poet, and writer, Clive James started his career as a TV critic. Today, he is well known for his contributions to literary criticism and writing.

Liane Moriarty (1966 -)

Moriarty worked at a legal publishing company for many years before writing the bestseller ‘’Big Little Lies’’. She also worked as a freelance advertising copywriter for a long time. Her books have given her a sizable following on social media.

Markus Zusak (1975 -)

Authoring International bestselling novels like ‘’The Book Thief’’ and ‘’The Messenger’’, Markus Zusak still has fans clinging to his work. He has received notable literary achievements by claiming the Margaret A. Edwards Award in 2014 and the Mitchell Award in 2006.

James Clavell (1921 – 1994)

James Clavell was born in Sydney, Australia. He began his writing career after a motorcycle accident. Screenplay productions such as “The Fly” and a series of Asian Saga novels made him famous.

Pick up a novel or watch a screenplay by one of these writers to see why they have made it onto the list of some of Australia’s most influential authors. Use their life stories and get to know us to learn more about the art of writing.