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Jessica Stanley presents readers with an opportunity to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to become better writers. From publishing advice to tips on writing, this site will give users some insights into what it takes to become a competent writer.

It is not easy to get something published in this day and age, but there are a few easy steps to follow if you are planning on publishing your autobiography. If your story manages to be relatable and engaging, it could appeal to publishers. Hire a literary agent to guide you through the publishing process.

Discover how implementing SEO writing strategies can create more brand awareness among consumers. Gambling operators use these SEO strategies to reach a wider audience online. Learn about using keyword strategies for creating content that is organic and relevant.

There is a lot that readers can learn from influential Australian writers. Some of these writers have published timeless literary works, and others have won great literary awards for their efforts.

Delve into the history of Australian literature and find out about some of the earliest references being made to the country. Learn how the geography and ecology of Australia inspired the ‘‘Origin of Species‘‘ written by Charles Darwin.

There are many common mistakes that writers make when it comes to producing content. Writers can produce better quality content if they take heed of these issues. Editors can help writers to improve their skills as a writer.

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Finally, learn how computers and software have been designed to make the writing process faster and more efficient.